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How To Find Stuff For Zero Cost On Amazon And Sell It For Big Profits Without Breaking A Sweat Or Leaving The House…
Although If You Do You Can Make Even More Moolah!


How To Find Stuff For Zero Cost & Sell It For Big Profits On Amazon!

It all started with an email from one of my subscribers…

“You mean you can sell stuff on Amazon like it’s a garage sale?! Show me where I can buy that course…”

Well, yes and I’d have loved to show him where he could buy that course. Except I hadn’t written it yet.

You see, I made the mistake many of us make when we think people just automatically know about something.

I thought everyone knew you could make a bunch of money just gathering up the things you no longer want – or other people no longer want – and selling them for easy profit on Amazon.

Talk about a forehead-slapping moment

And with the average household estimated to have around $1000 – 3000 worth of saleable ‘stuff’ tucked away in closets or in the garage, there’s a lot of profit to be had…

With low to zero investment

Thanks to Amazon’s FBA program there’s no need to store the stuff or ship it out parcel by parcel to often cranky customers like the bad ol’ eBay days…

Now you can just pack it up in one box, ship it out, sit back and wait for those ‘sold’ emails to drop into your inbox…

Just like that one did from my subscriber.

Talk about a forehead-slapping moment.

I should have known better

As a teacher and product creator I should have known better…

My fault. I was wrong.

But the minute I realized, I set about putting together the course he wanted, drawing on all the expertise I built up during years of thrifting and selling stuff I had lying about the house – first on eBay, then on Amazon.

Why Amazon? Because it’s just so much easier than eBay (not to mention cheaper).

And if you didn’t know, there’s been a quiet revolution going on. It’s not just books and DVDs you sell there now. It’s pretty much everything.


You are sitting on a goldmine

When I first started out, I discovered pretty quick I was sitting on a goldmine.

You are too – you just don’t realize it yet.

Did you know the average home contains an estimated $1000 – $3000 of saleable stuff?

Those unwanted gifts…that board game you haven’t played since Christmas 1998…the phone you no longer use now you’ve upgraded…

All of it worth real money to real people.

People like my subscriber. Like me and like you.

This is real world, up to the minute stuff

I knew there were other courses out there that covered this but I wanted to make sure mine was real world and bang up to the minute.

You see, things change fast even in the thrifting world and what was relevant just a few short months ago may not work so well now.

I may sell more now on Amazon via retail arbitrage and wholesale but that doesn’t mean I have ever given up thrifting.

No way.

Not when there’s this much profit in it.

So I decided to teach all my techniques and tactics for not only finding profitable items in my own home but also in all kinds of other places and venues…

You can make serious $$$$

And some of those have also changed as people catch on to just what a great way this is to make money, sometimes driving prices from what would have been pennies a short while ago to serious $$$s.

But that’s OK because I know how to sniff out better and better places to source all kinds of items for pennies that I can sell for big profits – sometimes into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

That’s because I also know that there are plenty of pickings out there for everyone.

Yes, even you.

It’s all about knowing how and where to look.

Knowing what you’re looking for…

And turning that knowledge into crispy fistfuls of cash.

A 12 Year Old Kid Can Do This

Trust me, this stuff is simple. I know a child can do it because my daughter does it alongside me. In fact, she even taught me a thing or two  (don’t worry – I put that in the course as wellJ)

If you’re still hesitating about getting into FBA (Fulfiled by Amazon) then this is perfect for you.

No investment in inventory you already own…or just a few bucks if you want to scale things up a little.

No worries about tying up your precious cash in something that may or may not sell.

No need to deal with wholesalers, retailers or Chinese manufacturers who may or may not ship you the same heap of plastic everyone else is trying to sell.

Just the perfect way to turn clutter into cash without even having to leave the house.


Can It Really Be This Easy?

So how can it be this easy?

You know the saying: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?

That’s how.

You’d be amazed not only by what’s sitting in your own basement or on a shelf somewhere but also at what other people throw or give away.

Why would they do that?

Because they don’t know any better. Or they can’t be bothered to learn.

Which is where you’re the winner because my newly updated course, Cash For Trash, will arm you with all the knowledge you need to make real money selling your unwanted or thrifted stuff on Amazon.

Here’s What You Will Discover
  • How to find stuff in your own home within seconds that you can sell for big profits
  • What buyers really want and how to determine the price they’re willing to pay (this is vital)
  • Where to source items for pennies that you can sell for 10 x and even 100 x more
  • What you can and can’t sell on Amazon so you don’t waste time and effort
  • The fastest and easiest ways to select, price and list your stuff so that it’s out there making money for you as quickly as possible
  • The REAL treasure among the trash – those rare gems that can go for BIG bucks
  • What you should look out for so you can spot that treasure and cash in!
  • How to effortlessly beat out the competition so you get that sale every time
  • when to pounce and when to pass (a lot of very experienced sellers get this wrong)
  • How much fun it can be to turn cash into trash…and how lucrative!
  • And much, much more…
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