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Want To Know What Guarantees A Winning, Profitable Product?

Dear Fellow Marketer,

You thought it would be so easy, didn’t you?

Or easier than this…

You bought the course, did everything it said and proudly launched your info product on the waiting world…

Only to see it flop.

Or – worse – you got started and then got stuck. Maybe (worst of all) you never even got started because you couldn’t think of anything people would want to buy.

Here's The One Big Reason...


Want to know the one big reason behind all of this?

You couldn’t find the right idea.

I know because I’ve done it too.

Back in the day - before I created 14 WSOs of The Day and hundreds of winning products in multiple niches – I, too, sat there and slapped my forehead wondering why my Big Idea had flopped.

But that was then and this is now.

I Can Spot A Winner At 1000 Paces...


 And now I know how to spot a winning idea at 1000 paces.

The kind of idea that will have people begging to buy.

That will guarantee you a winner.

That will put real money in your pocket at last.

You see, people sell you the dream.

They tell you it will be so simple to churn out those short reports and products that will smother you in piles of dollar bills within seconds of launch.

Here's Where Your Success Or Failure Starts...


But the truth is that your success or failure starts way before that.

Before you even hit that keyboard or start designing your fancy cover graphic.

It starts with the one thing that will make or break you…

A profitable idea.

Trouble is, those suckers are harder to find than a sincere politician. 

They hide in dark places or pretend to be something they’re not so that what you thought was a sure thing turns out to be a surefire flop.

Trust me, we’ve all been there.

Some of those ideas are dazzling. So shiny with promise that even a gooroo in designer shades could make the same mistake (whisper it….they have) 😉


The Path To Disaster...


But if you go along that road it’s the path to disaster.

You’ll end up wasting your time and energy on something that simply doesn’t sell.


Well I’m sick of watching good people stumble along in the dark. So I decided to do something about it.

I'm Sharing My Winning Secrets With You...


And the best thing I could so was share all my secrets with you so that you, too, could come up with guaranteed winners…

Time after time.

By the way, if at this point you’re sneering or sighing or otherwise feeling skeptical then this probably isn’t for you.

No hard feelings but I want to help people who really want to be helped.

Who want to easily and quickly get over that hurdle that stops most of you from tapping into the best way to make money online. Period.

I Give You That Other Vital Factor...


Actually, make that two hurdles because in this I not only teach you how to snare those sure-thing product ideas but I also give you that other vital factor to your success…

The B Factor.

I get you to Believe that you can do it.

I see it all the time with my students – the fear that stops them moving forward.

That gets in the way of them doing the one thing that will not only enable them to earn real money but to build a real, lasting business.

Think about it – what scares you the most about creating an info product?

It’s that other factor. The F Factor. The fear that you’ll fail.

I know that one all too well and I’ve learned how to overcome it to the extent that I’ve built my own 6 figure business.

Why I'm The Best Person To Take You By The Hand


Which is why I’m the best person to take you by the hand and teach you how to do the same.

Info products have been my Golden Ticket and they can be yours too when you follow the simple steps I lay out for you.

Even better, I give you suggested time limits for each easy task I set you so that you can’t get bogged down surfing around or talk yourself out of it (seen that one all too often).

You Really Can Do This In 3 Hours Or Less!


Which means that you can complete those simple steps in 3 hours or much less…

And be armed and ready with a surefire idea and an outline so you can create your product faster than you ever dreamed!

Here's how...

Here's What You Will Discover In
 The Golden Ticket
  • The one thing you must understand before you even start looking for info product ideas – get this wrong and you can kiss goodbye to happy customers and sales
  • What your customers really want from your product and how to give it to them by supplying the solution they really need
  • Where to find those product ideas that practically sell themselves (not in the places you think)
  • How to test those ideas to make sure they are winners and will continue to be so for months and years to come
  • The huge mistake so many people make when they choose an idea for a product and how to make sure you never make it
  • Why the right mindset really is key to your success – or failure – and how to adopt it fast
  • My Multiple Product Method that drastically cuts down on your time and work so you can churn out streams of profitable products
  • How to quickly and easily create an outline so that your product almost writes itself
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
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What You Get With The Golden Ticket
This easy to follow course contains everything you need to create your first...or fifth...product with ease!

Step By Step Videos
Sit back, relax and follow along with me as I lead you through my entire 6 figure idea spotting process - shortcuts, insider secrets and all!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets 
Literally follow along, fill them in and you will end up with your own profitable product ideas - no sweat, no stress - following my proven process!

Main Course PDF 
Follow the simple steps in it so you, too, can come up with those winning product 3 hours or less!!

Extra BONUS Training 
Delivered direct to your inbox so you can really make sure you're up to speed and sharpen your skills even more!!

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