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As you know, list-building and email marketing beats them all when it comes to evergreen profits.

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Not only will you learn how to build lucrative lists…you’ll discover my simple methods for creating cash-sucking emails that also build trust with your audience…

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Here’s What You Get…
Money Magnets
How I create irresistible lead magnets that have people falling over themselves to sign up…and then to buy!
  • How to find out what people want so you can give it to them right from the start – get this wrong and you’re doomed to fail!
  • The kind of lead magnets that have people lining up to grab ’em…and the kind that don’t (hint: avoid these if you want to make moolah)
  • Why old-fashioned lead magnets are no longer working…this is fundamental…
  • And how to create one that works like gangbusters super fast and super easily so you can do it over and over again…
  • So that your subscribers will like and trust you enough to buy from you over and over again!
  • My simple trick to not only coming up with a great idea for your lead magnet but for all your content and it’s fun 🙂
  • The best format to use to get them flocking to your lead magnet (this is not what you’re usually told)
  • The exact formula I use for length and content – this is absolutely crucial to your success
  • The 3 easy steps I follow each and every time I create a subscriber-sucking lead magnet
  • How to literally eavesdrop on your target audience so that you magically give them EXACTLY what they need
  • Follow me along in your BONUS LIVE TRAINING so that you can not only see every step I take…
  • But ask questions and get them answered on the spot as well!
PLUS – My Bestselling…
Lucrative Lists
Discover The Secret To Building A Hyper-Responsive List That Pays You Over & Over!

The List Building Myths

What they are and why they are just that…myths

What Makes A Real Buyer’s List

How and why to focus on the real buyers and eliminate the time wasters

The Easy Process That Always Leads To Success

What I do every time to ensure I get people who are already reaching for their wallets on my lists…and keep them!

The Secret To Super Targeting

Use this and you can guarantee the most responsive, rabid subscribers on the planet (nope, it’s not demographics)

How To Genuinely Set Yourself Apart

Stand out from the herd without resorting to cheesy tactics or salesy desperation (they just don’t work)

The Opt-In Pages That Work

Forget old-fashioned squeeze or landing pages – this is what works now and will carry on working to get you the subscribers you really want

WAIT – We’re Not Finished Because You ALSO Get…
Cashflow Kickstart
Another bestselling course that teaches you how to make more money from ANY list…!

The Right Way To Engage Your List

How to have your susbcribers slavering to read your emails and content

What Forces Them To Take Action

Irresistible triggers you can use to get them to take action…even when they haven’t for months!

The 6 Types Of Emails You Should Send

Deploy one of these surefire winners and your list will be all over you like a love-starved pup!

The Secret To Storytelling

Most people don’t do this right – learn how to leverage the true power of storytelling to boost your results big time!

Why Your List Doesn’t Love You Any More

Understand the real reasons why they’re not responding and you can turn this around faster than you can blink (or at least blast out an email)

How To Keep ‘Em Happy So They Buy

It’s not about throwing freebies their way or boring them to death…learn the right way to engage and captivate your list and they will love (and buy from you) forever!

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