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Easy Profit P.I.E.
My scientifically proven method for getting people to do what you want and buy – this is the REAL push button stuff!
  • My scientifically proven method for getting people to do what you want and BUY – this is real push button stuff
  • How to identify and hit the RIGHT emotional buttons so they not only like you they also buy from you
  • The one thing you need to know to have your prospects falling in like with you from the get-go…
  • So they buy!
  • What turns buyers on and what turns them off fast!
  • How to quickly and easily get your social media to go viral so it does all the work of selling for you
  • Why people buy and how this knowledge can save you a ton of time while making you a lot more money
  • The secret science behind buying behavior and why it’s the opposite of what you might think works
  • Easy to follow videos, PDFS and worksheets make this highly interactive but super simple to follow
  • Discover the right way to use this powerful information so you get people to do what you want and keep on doing it…
  • Whille avoiding the fatal mistakes so many make which can actually send buyers running in the opposite direcion
  • Most importantly – how to do all of the above and more while having a lot of fun!
You also get…


The Insider Secrets To What Really Works In Email Marketing Right Now… And For Years To Come!

  • How to instantly increase your open rate with subject lines that really work (hint: ‘hey’ isn’t one of them)
  • Why copying what the gooroos are doing is the fastest way to the spam folder…
  • And even the ban hammer…
  • The calls to action that get them clicking through to buy – again, these are probably not what you expect
  • The Power Words that actually deliver a real punch…
  • And hit those emotional Buy Buttons
  • Which words to avoid like the plague…
  • Or you’ll end up canned!
  • The real-life best times to send emails as opposed to the theories put out there by – you guessed it – the gooroos
  • The method that can bring you a staggering 583% increase in CTR (Click Through Rate)…
  • And how to copy it yourself!
  • Plus I supply Fill In The Blanks subject lines templates and Power Words you can swipe and steal so you simply cannot go wrong!
You also get…
Sexier Selling
How To Sell Much More Of Your Stuff Without Being Sleazy Or Salesy…
  • A step by step training system that teaches you Sexier Selling through text, video and practical exercises
  • Case studies that demonstrate what works…and what doesn’t…
  • The best ways to convey the right information to the right audience so that they go on to buy your offer
  • How to identify that offer – and the big promise it contains – so you can clearly communicate it to your audience
  • The Call To Action formula that practically compels your prospect to turn into a buyer (I say ‘practically’ because I don’t want to sound all hypey but this really does work like magic)
  • Why injecting elements such as storytelling for your savvy audience can make all the difference between them buying and clicking away…or worse, running away screaming…
  • The 3 Second Rule and how understanding this can be crucial to your success – and no, this has nothing to do with dropped food
  • What people really want from you and how to deliver it to them so that buying simply becomes part of the fun
  • And an awful lot more that I simply do not have room to include here or your head will start spinning!
You also get…
Easy Peasy Copy

How To Write Copy That Sells…
Even If You Have No Idea How To Be A Copywriter

The most important thing you must understand before you write a single word of copy

What your customers crave most of all…and how to give it to them

How to hit those emotional buttons so your prospect will feel compelled to buy

Why people buy – and why they’ll buy what you’re selling every time if you do this

The foolproof formula for headlines that will grab your readers by the eyeballs…

… and force them to keep reading

What top copywriters do to make sure they really connect and make that sale

(Hint: your English teacher would hate this!)

Why good enough is all you need to be and how to get there painlessly

The rules you can break and still make those sales

Rock solid fundamentals that will ensure you never churn out a bad piece of copy again

My six figure copy secrets that are the basis of my online success!

You also get…
Lucrative Lists
Discover The Secret To Building A Hyper-Responsive List
That Pays You Over & Over!
  • The List Building Myths – what they are and why they are just that…myths
  • What makes a real Buyer’s List
  • How and why to focus on the buyers and eliminate the time wasters
  • The easy process that always leads to success…
  • What I do every time to ensure I get people who are already reaching for their wallets on my lists…
  • And keep them!
  • The secret to Super Targeting – use this and you can guarantee the most responsive, rabid subscribers on the planet…
  • And no, it’s not demographics!
  • How to genuinely set yourself apart…
  • Stand out from the herd without resorting to cheesy tactics or salesy desperation (they just don’t work)
  • The opt-in pages that really work…
  • Forget old-fashioned squeeze or landing pages – this is what works now and will carry on working to get you subscribers you really want…
  • The ones who buy.
You also get…
My Flagship 6 Figure Blueprint: Info Cash Machine
  • A fill-in-the blanks blueprint you can follow to create your own cash-spouting product
  • This is the exact same blueprint I use to create winning products time after time
  • Discover precisely who wants to buy what you have to offer…so you can make more profit!
  • How to make sure that people not only LOVE your product but keep coming back for more…and more!
  • The best kinds of product for you to create and why you should ignore the usual advice you get from the gooroos
  • 5 essential but easy steps to fast product creation
  • The one thing you must do to retain your customers and prevent those refunds
  • How to create your irresistible salesletter alongside your product so you work once and profit twice
  • Why real value is so much more important than perceived value and how to convey that to your customers so they love you even more
  • The simple 3 step process to researching any info product (if you really need to)
  • The real reason all the big-name marketers have their own info products and why you should too
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
You also get…
The Golden Ticket
  • The one thing you must understand before you even start looking for info product ideas – get this wrong and you can kiss goodbye to happy customers and sales
  • What your customers really want from your product and how to give it to them by supplying the solution they really need
  • Where to find those product ideas that practically sell themselves (not in the places you think)
  • How to test those ideas to make sure they are winners and will continue to be so for months and years to come
  • The huge mistake so many people make when they choose an idea for a product and how to make sure you never make it
  • Why the right mindset really is key to your success – or failure – and how to adopt it fast
  • My Multiple Product Method that drastically cuts down on your time and work so you can churn out streams of profitable products
  • How to quickly and easily create an outline so that your product almost writes itself
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
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