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Try the weight loss niche.

I’ve been in this niche since I started online for three very good reasons:


 It’s evergreen…

 There are endless hungry (if you’ll pardon the pun) buyers…

 And there is a LOT of money to be made!


Year on year, those weight loss keyword searches sales shoot up in early summer as people realise they might fail.


Just imagine what a starving market there is out there right now!

Forget what some people try to tell you about this niche being saturated.

Frankly, that’s impossible when it’s STILL growing at this rate.

According to the healthcare market research report published by MarketsandMarkets, the total global weight loss market surpassed  $175.94 Billion in 2017 and is estimated to reach $245.51 Billion by 2022.  

People are spending more and more money year upon year to lose that excess weight.

That makes sense when you know what really drives the buyers in this niche…

Not everyone understands what gets those customers flashing their cash in the first place.

They think it’s simply about looking good or being healthier.

But there is much more to it than that…something that compels those buyers to pull out their purses again and again.

Something I figured out a long time ago.  

And now I’m going to let you in on the secret so you can profit from it too.

Here’s the secret…

The secret to making the big bucks in this niche is to get right inside the mind of the average dieter.

Here’s what you’ll find:

They all think that THIS time they will succeed…

That they’ll finally drop those extra pounds and keep them off.

But the majority of them don’t.


Because they never address the underlying issues that keep them overweight.

Instead, they prefer to go for the quick fix.

And, as we all know, most quick fixes don’t work in the long term.

So they keep on trying diet after diet, buying product after product…

Which is great for you…in the short term…

Except many simply give up in the end.

They stop buying those products you suggest or even signing up for your freebie in the first place.

Sure, there are always new wannabe dieters coming along but, as I’m sure you know, it’s far easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than keep on trying to acquire them.

Now you can offer them a real solution

But what if you could offer them something that not only offers that quick fix they crave but also solves their dieting dilemmas?

Something that gets them bikini-ready for the beach…

Helps them lose the optimum amount of weight in a way that suits them…

Great information served up exactly how everyone likes it…

Which is the best way to get them buying from you again and again!

If you don’t know me, my name’s Amanda Craven and I’ve been producing top quality PLR since 2009.

I’ve won rave reviews for my products and I’m telling you that not to boast but to reassure you…

Because not all PLR is created equal, is it?

You know what I’m talking about:

The garbled language that sounds like Google Translate on acid…

The weird and wonderful ‘bonuses’ that you can’t use either…

The whole thing put together by someone who has NO knowledge of the sector. And doesn’t care either. 

So why is my stuff different?

Well, not only am I a professional writer with extensive publication credits but I am also a highly successful marketer in several niches, including this one.

I understand what gets people handing over their email addresses and reaching for their wallets.  I know the kind of content that is truly ‘killer.’ 

People not only buy my products but they use them to create their own success.

And I never, ever release a PLR package unless I’m 100% certain I am proud to put my name to it so you can too.

You really can take this package and start using it instantly.

That’s right – you don’t need to change a word if you don’t want to.  It’s all done for you, right down to the graphics and formatting. 

You can simply upload and profit. 

Which is the way it should be.

Even better, I show you how to use this kit to the max.

I give you the insider secrets on this particular market…

And I have created for you this enormous lead generating and content package so that you can take those secrets and use them to make an instant return on your tiny investment.

Read on to discover what this unique weight loss package contains or simply grab yours at the lowest price by clicking on the buy button below: 

Here’s What You Get With This Incredible Package…

Complete Sales & Lead Gen Funnel


You need people to buy the products you promote and sell. How do you find those people? The best way is to build your own list from people who sign up for an excellent giveaway which allows them to get to know, like and trust you.

But that takes time and skill to create, especially as it’s crucial your giveaway stands out from all the rest. It has to be educational but entertaining, conveying to your new readers that you are an authority on the subject.

That’s why I created this brand new lead generating funnel for this package so you get that head start. All you need do is use the included simple  and easy to edit squeeze page or your own site plus the included cover graphics and you can start generating those profitable leads today.

To help drive traffic to your page or site and do just that, you also get a complete social media kit in the form of ready made images for Pinterest and Instagram or Facebook as well as video for YouTube, covering all the highest traffic social sites available.

Once you have captured your new leads, you can then follow up with your pre-written email sequence guaranteed to keep them hooked and coming back for more so they buy everything you offer them!

Lead Generating 1,492 Word Report

Checkmark3Expertly written 1,492 word, 11 page Report that contains a wealth of information on weight loss. Use it to effortlessly siphon in subscribers, to sell, to position yourself as the go-to expert or to give away. The choice is yours.

Checkmark3Comes in Word, ODT and PDF format for easy editing

Checkmark3You also get a choice of report covers along with PSDs so you can easily edit them


Squeeze Pages

Checkmark3You also get a choice of responsive, easy to edit squeeze pages you can use to get subscribers to sign up.

Once they subscribe – and they will – you can then sell them your own products as well as the tons of other products you can promote in this amazing niche!

10 Niche Pinterest Images

Customers in this niche absolutely love motivational and informational images. Here are 10 brand new ones I created for you, optimised for Pinterest so they will grab the eyes of the millions of buyers who visit the site daily.

Use them to drive the tons of traffic that comes via Pinterest or on other social media sites as well as your own.

You get PSD files along with the JPG files so you can easily edit these to your heart’s content.

Motivational Viral Images

You also get 10 more brand new imageswith motivational quotes that I created for you sized to optimal Facebook dimensions for maximum impact!

These are perfect at this time of year when everyone still has their New Year resolutions firmly in mind and need all the help they can get to become – and stay – motivated to keep them.

You get PSD files along with the JPG files so you can easily edit these to your heart’s content.

7 Day Autoresponder Email Sequence

Expertly written email sequence that follows on from your giveaway report to get your new subscribers knowing, liking and trusting you so they buy. You can load these straight into your autoresponder and personalise them as you wish for proven results!


 Your Own Product To Sell


As every marketer knows, the way to really make a substantial income online is to sell your own product. But that is even harder than creating your own lead generating funnel.

You need to pick the right sub-niche or angle, research it and then write it to publication standard. For this product funnel, I drilled right down to discover and verify that this is a hot topic with people wanting to lose weight.

You also need to create an eye-catching ecover that appeals to buyers in this niche, format your ebook and accompanying material…this takes weeks or even months.

And once you put it out there, the worry really starts. If it’s not good enough, your buyers will demand refunds in droves.

But if it is good enough – or preferably, great – they’ll come back again and again for more. Luckily for you, I have been writing to publication standard for years and know exactly what this market wants…

Which is why the product funnel I have created for you here is a surefire seller that will remain evergreen and profitable for years to come.


10,557 Word Workbook & Reports

Checkmark3Expertly written 10,557 word, 57 page Workbook that contains a wealth of information including…

Checkmark35 Diet Plans

Checkmark3Comes in Word, ODT and PDF format for easy editing

Checkmark3The Diet Plans are also presented in separate reports so you can use these individually to sell, use as an opt-in bribe or as an eCourse

Checkmark3You also get eBook and report covers along with PSDs so you can easily edit them




Authority Building Ecourse
Checkmark3A fact-packed Ecourse that perfectly complements the Ebook. Use it as additional training or as part of an upsell for a truly comprehensive product package that establishes you as an authority. You can also use to build authority with your subscribers or as an opt-in giveaway to capture new subscribers.  
Tip Sheets & A Food Diary

Checkmark3You get Tip Sheets full of professionally written information on nutrition, shopping for the right foods, making healthy choices and much more. 

Checkmark3PLUS you get a Food Diary your customers and prospects can fill in so that they are interacting with you and your content right from the start!

Complete Powerpoint Presentation

Checkmark329 Powerpoint slides focusing on weight loss you can use as is or to create your own videos 

Checkmark3You get this with and without music, ready animated so that you can again use as is or to create your own videos, as an opt-in bribe, to drive traffic or as an eCourse


Plus These  Traffic Driving Motivational Videos!

I created a video especially for this package from the motivational viral quotes I’ve included and you can see a sample above. 

In addition, I created 3 Weight Loss Tips videos that relate to the Weight Loss report. People go crazy for these videos on YouTube and Pinterest and you can also embed them on your own sites to drive tons of traffic!

You Get All Of This When You Invest Today In The Ultimate Weight Loss  PLR Kit! 

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Just bought your PLR and so far quite simply the best PLR I bought… Thanks for the great product.


I just wanted to pop back and say how impressed I am…This is a niche I am passionate about and it is more than a money making niche to me. Hence I really care about the quality of the content and am proud to use them. You write with great clarity and nhigh standards. With your materials, I find myself spending far less time having to edit and rewrite thtem.

Cool WarriorMarketer

YES! Another fantastic product from Amanda. Purchased mine immediately – I am truly excited whenever Amanda releases a PLR product because it is ALWAYS superb.

Gene PimentelMarketer & Domain Expert

Purchased and reviewed your material….very well done!

DigiManOffline Marketer

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Market Intelligence Report – $147

Unique 10,557 Word Workbook $1710

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Squeeze Pages & eCourse $497

Pinterest Images $97

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Your Rights 

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[YES] Can be used to create additional products.

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product.

[YES] Can be edited, modified or revised (including the graphics).

[YES] Can be given away to build a list.


What You Can’t Do:

[NO] Can be given away for free (any format) except to build a list (see above).

[NO] Can claim copyright unless substantially altered (at least 70%).

[NO] Can be added into free membership sites.

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