Welcome to the Velocity Contest!

The rules are simple: this contest is open to students of the Velocity course only. We will check entries against those enrolled. The contest opens on 20th June 2020 at 9am EDT and closes on 30 June 2020 at 5pm EDT .

We are giving this window of time as we realise not everyone will be able to set aside the 24 hours timeframe taught in the course easily or immediately but please remember that speed is of the essence (and helps you create without fear!). 

To enter the contest, please use the form below and attach your finished product or a link to a page where we can see it. Please also attach a link to the place you are selling it whether that is a sales page, a blog post, a social media post etc.

The winner will be chosen by Amanda and will be solely at her discretion. She is looking for potential rather than polish although obviously both are good.

The prize is a one on one session with Amanda that will consist of an email evaluation of your entry and suggested improvements with one follow-up email to review those improvements. She will also promote your product provided you implement the suggested improvements.

Good luck!

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