Discover The Tried And Tested Methods That I Use All The Time To Bring In Moolah…

“Here’s What I Do To Really Make Money This Weekend Or This Week…Or Even In A Few Hours…”

(Finally a real solution that works fast…And keeps working for me! )

And if you’re wondering what Wonga is…here’s the dictionary definition!


Ever Felt Like This?

You’re facing the weekend ahead…or even the next few hours…
And you’re broke.

You don’t have enough to cover the basics, never mind the odd luxury.

You need to put food on the table. 


You don’t have time to set up some shiny software that promises moolah within minutes or build a list or even take a gamble on Facebook Ads.

You don’t have the money for those anyway. 

You need hard cash. Now. 

What do you do? 

I know how to get those funds in fast
I understand that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach because I’ve been there. 

The pandemic has been tough on everyone, including me.

Luckily for you, I also know how to get those urgent funds in fast.

Not with some get rich quick kind of scam or tricksy method I just made up.

This is tried and tested stuff I have done myself. Many times.

And it always works for me because it’s real world stuff.


So you can relax…

So you can kick back, relax, enjoy time with your family or friends…

Or simply breathe again.

Best part about this?

I not only use these methods to bring in that vital emergency cash…

I keep using them to bring in that moolah long-term.

Again and again.

Which Means You Genuinely Need Never Worry Ever Again!

Isn’t It About Time You Got Your Own Sexy Side Hustle On?

Thing is, these days just about everyone has a side hustle. That’s a way to earn extra cash, if you haven’t heard the term before.

Some people use their side hustle as just that – an extra income stream. Others turn it into a 6, 7 or even 8 figure business.  

You Can Do This Even If You Only Have A Spare Hour Or So A Day

You can do everything I teach you in just an hour or so a day, if that’s all you’ve got.

Got an entire weekend? Great! You’ll really be kicking it.

Absolutely everyone and anyone can take one of the 8 main methods I teach here and follow them step by step.

You don’t need a list, a site or even experience although of course all of those help.

You don’t need experience or special skills to get started.

All you need is here.

Millions Of People All Over The World Are Doing This…And Succeeding!

But that doesn’t mean these methods will get saturated. Far from it.

Demand is only growing for everything I teach you as economies change and people need what you have to offer.

I show you how to identify what that is and how best to market it so you get maximum reward for your minimal effort.

And the tiniest bit extra effort brings you in so much more.

So…Do You Want To Learn How To Really Bring In That Wonga? Great – Here’s What You Get…


All my proven fast cash methods served up in an easy to follow, step by step 59 page PDF


My own templates for you to use so you simply can’t go wrong – this is copy and paste simple


How to set up your side hustle plan in just one weekend so you get it right from the start!


To add to the methods I teach in your main WONGA course, I’m giving you my comprehensive Rolodex of even more side hustles that actually bring me in fast cash!

Welcome To WONGA!

The first and only comprehensive guide to the surefire, fast methods I use to earn money online and off in just a weekend…or a day…or even a few hours! Now you need never worry about bringing in that Wonga ever again. Expanded and updated for 2022!

Now, It’s Your Turn – Get Started Today…

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To Your Success,
Amanda Craven x
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