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Discover How To Double Your Rates & Still Have Hordes Of Happy Customers!
With this once in a lifetime collection that will give you everything you need to rise above the herd and become a 6 figure freelancer, consultant or coach!

If you have no idea what to charge your clients….

Or if you think you’re charging too little…

Or if you want to raise your rates and get paid what you deserve but you’re scared…

You’re going to love this!

I Learned This When I Was 7...

I've been a freelancer all my working life and I understand only too well how hard it is to ask for the rates you deserve and get them.

Most of us tend to undersell ourselves. We don't know what we're worth. And we often wildly underestimate that.

You could be just starting out as an offline consultant, coach or freelancer or been in the game a while but the problem is always the same: you're worried you're going to charge too much or too little.

You also worry that your clients and prospects might object to your prices...might even want to haggle over them...

Let me tell you, I learned how to haggle when I was 7 years old and honing my skills in the markets of Hong Kong where I grew up...

I know how to state my price and stick to it. How to get what I want at that price. And how to have others wanting to pay me the rates I set, even when they're higher than anyone else's.

I also know something that's key to every consultant, coach or freelancer...

You Deserve to Be Paid What You're Worth!

And I'm going to teach you how to get it!

You see, I believe that anyone who provides real value deserves to be well paid for it.

I know you didn't go into this to earn peanuts for more work than you ever did in a J.O.B. or to go bankrupt slogging yourself to the bone for clients who give you a hard time over every tiny thing.

I also know that so many of you want to earn at least a living wage...never mind 6 figures...but you have no idea how to do it. You're doing your best, giving it your all and it's still not enough.

You buy product after product that promises to magically fill your pockets with cold, hard cash from clients you somehow don't ever have to talk to or even email. (Yeah, right!)

That's why I've poured my heart, mind and soul into this course for you. I’m tired of all those magic bullet products that claim to send your income soaring in seconds…and don’t.

Truth is, those convoluted systems and weird and wonderful strategies don’t work half as well as the simplest and most powerful of the lot: raising your rates.

And yet I bet the very idea turns you hot and cold.


Because You're Scared!

Scared of losing your existing customers…

Or not getting any at all.

Some of you will be so scared you’ll carry on following the market instead of leading it…and losing out as a result.

Let me explain…

There will always be people out there who compete on price. They’ll go cheaper than you…quote rates that are more Fiverr than 5th Avenue…race you for the crumbs from the table…

Don’t get caught up in it! There’s only one way that ends.

It’s a race to the bottom.

And you don't want to be there.

If You Could Earn Twice As Much Now As You Do For The Same (Or Less) Work, What Would That Be Worth To You? 

Think about that for a second. Better still, take a piece of paper and go through this with me.

Don’t worry…I’ll wait.

Write down what you earned last year as a freelancer. That includes all you consultants, coaches, designers, copywriters and any other service provider out there.

If you haven’t earned anything yet, don’t worry. Simply write down what seems to you like a reasonable sum for a year.

Now double it.

Look at that special offer price.

Remember that it's not for just one but two of my bestselling products.

Look back at the figure above.

That’s what it’s worth to you. 

Although you need to hurry as in a few days this offer vanishes. Permanently.

Here's What You Get:
Introducing Income Blast Off
Here's what you will learn...
  • The #1 Thing You Must NEVER Do If You Want To Attract Higher Paying Clients
  • How To Attract Those Higher Paying Clients
  • The Psychological Secrets To Positioning Yourself As A Premium Provider
  • How To Deal With Freebie Seekers Who Want Everything For Nothing
  • How To Handle Discount Buyers Who Want To Push You To The Bottom
  • What To Say To Get Your Prospects & Clients Falling Over Themselves To Pay You The Big Bucks
  • Easy Ways to Demonstrate To Clients & Prospects Why You’re Worth More
  • How To Calculate The Absolute Minimum You Should Be Charging
  • The Worst Thing You Can Do When Faced With Competition That Charges Less
  • Why Undercharging Can Damage Or Even Destroy Your Business
  • How To State Your Price With Confidence – And Get Your Clients To Happily Pay It!
  • 5 Common Pricing Myths Busted
  • How To Be A Market Leader Rather Than One Of The Low-Paid Herd
  • How To Raise Your Rates For Existing Clients Without Upsetting Or Alienating Them
What You Get With Income Blast Off
This easy to follow course contains everything you need to charge more...way more...and get it!

Step By Step Videos Sit back, relax and follow along with me as I lead you through exactly how to charge more and get it - shortcuts, insider secrets and all!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets  To download and fill in so you can keep them beside you and refer back to them whenever you need!

Written Lessons  So you can read and complete the tasks easily and in your own time.

Bonus VAMP Module  To help you position yourself easily as that 6 figure consultant who is worth every penny!

Plus You Get To Legally Steal My Own Business Templates With Business Blast Off!
Cut, Paste & Copy Your Way to Success!
What You Get With Business Blast Off

Flyers, Postcards & Brochure
You get:

  • Gorgeous sales postcards you can make your own in just a couple of clicks
  • Easy to edit brochure template that will give you the edge over your competitors
  • Fabulous flyers you can easily edit - print ready for total professionalism, saving you a fortune in design fees!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Letters & Documents
You get:

  • Copy & paste documents and letters that you can just fill in & send, instantly making you look professional and saving you hours of time
  • Business templates & planners that will have you up & running in minutes...and keep you on track!

proposal covers
Proposal Template & Extra Covers

You get:

  • Fill-in-the-blanks Proposal template that will win you those high-paying clients - available in Word and ODT format so anyone can use it
  • Four extra Proposal covers complete with PSD files so you can customize to your heart's content


Stunning Stationery

You get:

Stunning stationery you can easily edit that will save you $$$$s in design fees - a complete identity set to mark you out as a major player that includes:

  • Letterheads in Word, PSD & ODT Format
  • Matching envelope in easy to edit PSD format
  • Business cards in easy to edit PSD format
  • Clean, professional invoice template


Worksheets that will keep your business running smoothly so you can concentrate on the important making money!

These include:

  • Weekly Planner Sheets
  • Business Checklist
  • Goal-Setting Worksheet
  • Ideal Customer Worksheet
  • Expense Estimate Worksheet
  • Expenses Budget Sheet
  • Income Snapshot


Proposal Presentation Slides

Powerful professional slide deck created in PowerPoint so you can win over your clients with a dynamic proposal.

Easy to edit and to record as a video presentation if you wish.


BONUS Planning To Succeed Guide
You also get my bonus 36 page Planning To Succeed guide to getting your business up and running the right way

BONUS Logo Creator Kit
PLUS you get this amazing Logo Creator Kit containing 38 logos you can customize as you wish
But That's Not All Because You Also Get My Bestselling Flagship Course Local Honey Pot!
Introducing Local Honey Pot

Hate cold calling?
Not really all that fond of selling?
Want to learn how to become a magnet for local business owners and have a lot of fun in the process...whatever your service or specialism?

You need: Local Honey Pot - the closest you can get to passive offline income

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