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“Discover How To Double Your Prices & Attract Even More Customers While Keeping Your Existing Ones Super Happy!”
Rise above the herd and earn what you truly deserve!!

If you have no idea what to charge your customers…

Or if you think you’re charging too little…

Or if you want to raise your prices and get paid what you deserve but you’re scared…

You’re going to love this! 

     If we’ve not met before (hello!), I’m a highly successful marketer online and off…

     And I’ve been working for myself all my adult life.

     In this modern gig economy, chances are that’s what you do too.

     Or you’d like to…

     Because you know that working for yourself is the only way to go…

     Not just for the freedom and the chance to live your life the way you like…

     But also because it’s frankly safer in these uncertain times.

No-one can fire you or push you around. No-one but you that is, if you’re your own boss. But there’s one way people who work for themselves treat themselves really badly…

They undercharge.

Not me though. I learned long ago that’s a one way street to disaster.

Instead, I have lots of happy clients and customers who pay me what I deserve. Even better, they’re happy to do so even when I raise my rates or prices.

How do I manage that?

By following my own advice. The advice I am about to share with you.

You see…

I Know How Hard It Is

I totally understand how hard it is to ask for what you deserve, never mind get it.

Most of us undersell ourselves, don’t we?

I bet you don’t know what you’re really worth.

I also bet you wildly underestimate that.

You might just be starting out.

Or you might have been in the game some time.

The problem is always the same:

You’re worried you’re going to charge too much or too little.

Usually the first.

I Learned This When I Was 7

You also worry that your customers or clients might object to your prices…might even want to haggle over them…

Well, I learned to haggle when I was 7 years old in the markets of Hong Kong where I grew up.

I know how to state my price and stick to it.

How to get what I want at the price.

And to have folk happy to pay me at the price I set.

Even when those prices are higher than other people’s.

I also know something that’s key to every freelancer, marketer, coach or consultant…

Heck, every person on the planet…


You Deserve To Be Paid What You’re Worth!

And I’m going to teach you how to get it!

You see, I believe that anyone who provides real value deserves to be well paid for that.

I know you didn’t quit the rat race only to pay yourself peanuts for more work than you ever did in a J.O.B.

Or go bankrupt working yourself to death for people who nitpick over every tiny thing.

I also know that what you really want is to earn a decent, living wage…never mind 6 figures…but you have no idea how to do it.

You’re doing your best, giving your all…

And it’s still not enough.

You buy product after product that promises to fill your pockets with ‘cold, hard cash’ from clients and customers you never even have to message, let alone talk to (yeah, right!)

That’s why I’ve poured my heart, mind and hard-won experience into this course for you.

Because I am sick and tired of all those others that promise magic bullet solutions which will send your income soaring in seconds…and don’t.

Truth is, those convoluted systems and weird and wonderful strategies don’t work half as well as the simplest and most powerful solution of them all: raising your prices.

But I bet the very idea makes your stomach churn.


Because You’re Scared

Scared of losing your existing customers.

Or not getting any at all.

Some of you will be so scared you’ll carry on following the market instead of leading it…

And lose out as a result.

Let me explain…

There will always be people out there who compete on price.

They’ll go cheaper than you….

Quote prices that are more Fiverr than Fifth Avenue…

Race you for the crumbs from the table.

Don’t get caught up in that!

There’s only one way that ends….

In a race to the bottom.

I don’t want you to finish up there.

This Is Straight From The Trenches

I’ve been in those trenches.

I’m in them every day.

And I know how much better it is if you position yourself as a premium provider.

I know how much easier it is to work less and earn more so you can spend more precious time with  your friends and family.

I enjoy waking up every morning knowing that I not only love what I do – I get well paid for it…and by a bunch of really nice people who value what I do for them.

That’s why I’ve spent months pouring everything I know into this so you can know how that feels too!

Get your hands on…

Income Blast Off
My proven way to double your prices (and more) while getting even more customers and keeping your existing ones super happy!
  • The #1 thing you must NEVER do if you want to attract higher paying customers & clients
  • How to attract those higher paying customers & clients
  • The psychological secrets to positioning yourself as a premium provider
  • How to deal with freebie seekers who want everything for nothing
  • How to handle discount buyers who want to push you to the bottom
  • How to be a market leader rather than one of the herd
  • Easy ways to demonstrate to clients & prospects why you’re worth more
  • What to say to get your prospects and customers falling over themselves to pay you the big bucks
  • How to calculate the absolute minimum you should be charging
  • The worst thing you can do when faced with competition that charges less
  • Why undercharging can damage or even destroy your business
  • How to state your price with confidence – and get your clients to happily pay it!
  • How to raise your rates for existing clients without upsetting or alienating them
  • 5 common pricing myths busted
  • and much more!
It’s Time You Stopped Playing Small 

Yes, I’m talking to you.

I know you’re worth more than you think.

I know you bring a great deal of value to the world.

I hear from my customers all the time and I am always grateful to have them because they truly are such an amazing bunch of people.

People of all ages and backgrounds and experience who are creating and innovating.

And selling.

Just like you.

This is my way of giving back.


Let Me Make This Easy For You

I understand you may be wondering why I’m offering so much for so little here…

After all, there is a ton of priceless information here including written and video lessons, downloadable worksheets and templates and much more besides.

Well, it’s easy. I’ve been there. I know what it feels like. And there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than teaching good people what it REALLY takes to make a great income doing something they love.

OK, so I admit I’m also hoping you’ll love this incredible training so much you buy my other products or even my premium coaching (and let me tell you that is VERY expensive indeed!)

So yes, it’s a great price…

But that price is going up all the time…

So you’ll want to get in before it goes stratospheric.

Especially as it shoots up after the earlybird launch is over…

If I were you, I’d grab it at that earlybird while you can:


P.S. Ever wonder how some people actually live that dream of working a few hours a day as and when they choose?

It’s because they have the confidence to be premium providers. They charge what they want and get it because they know how to do so. You can join them because everything you need to learn is right here inside Income Blast Off…your blueprint to 6 figure success as a freelancer or service provider.

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