How To Sell More Of Your Stuff Without Being Sleazy Or Salesy In 2022…And Way Beyond

And Become A Lot Sexier While You Do So!

OK, let’s deal with that ‘sexy’ stuff right off bat.

Yes, this is all about Sexier Selling…

But we’re going for the 2nd definition here:


And what is exciting to your prospect or customer may not be what you think.

You see, after more than a decade online and countless bestselling products, I know what’s ‘sexy’ when it comes to selling.

But, just like real life relationships, your taste changes over time.

That gorgeous creature you fancied when you were 17 may not be the one that you want when you’re 27.

It’s the same with the internet and your customers.

Tastes mature.

People become more sophisticated.

What worked for them ten or even just a couple of years ago no longer seems so alluring. Or exciting.

Or yes, dammit, sexy.

Instead, it just seems sleazy.

And a little bit sad.

So what is ‘sexy’ right now?

What gets people so excited about something they actually want to sign up or buy?

I’m glad you asked because it’s probably not what you think.

It’s got nothing to do with fancy graphics, even fancier promises or slick product shots.

In fact, it’s based on principles that have always worked but are now put into practice for your current, sales-savvy audience.

And that’s key because the most important difference between this approach and the traditional, heavy-hitting, internet marketer on steroids is this…

“The Sexy Seller treats their customers and prospects as if they are intelligent.”

Well, doh!

Or so you would think.

But there are still far too many marketers out there who beat their prospects over the head with a Big Selling Stick.

That simply does not work any more except in those tiny bubbles where that’s all those prospects have ever known…

Bubbles like WarriorPlus, JVZoo and other platforms where people are driven to old-fashioned, long-form direct sales letters.

Don’t get me wrong – those platforms are perfectly respectable and those sales pages work.

For that specific market.

Some work very well indeed.

I have no doubt you have seen plenty of them yourself and bought from more than one or two.

But send your average Joe or Jane to one and they’ll run away screaming.


Because of what those pages do supremely well…

They sell. Hard.

And when you think that your average Joe or Jane first got to know you through social media because that’s where you drive most of your traffic these days…

Social media where people are browsing for information or entertainment…

Where they love your posts that provide just that or send them to your blog where you serve up even more edutainment….

And build a great relationship with them, one that keeps them coming back for more and more…

Then you can understand why screaming headlines (they don’t even have to be red), cookie cutter Old Skool copy and flashing sales buttons will have them clicking away faster than you can say Facebook.

New Skool markers gather their tribes around them on their various social platforms.

They build their own villages full of people who love their voice and what they have to say.

If that voice suddenly starts yelling at them to BUY THIS SHINY STUFF NOW then they are shocked and horrified.

It’s just like your favorite teacher stopping for a commercial break in the middle of your best subject. You’d hate that, wouldn’t you?

It would feel all wrong.

And that’s because it is all wrong.

It’s incongruent, like turning round and biting the hand that feeds you.

Quite simply, it does not work. So what should you do to become a sexier seller…

The kind who is more than one-shot wonder, whose customers keep coming back for more because you are simply irresistible?




Understand that you have something valuable to say…

And then communicate that to your audience without turning them off or making them feel that you are selling (remember… you’re sexy – not sleazy!)


Attract them with a strong, compelling headline…

That makes a juicy promise and conveys your irresistible offer without making it sound like an ad (we know it is but they must not even sniff that until you ask for the sale)


Make them feel they are getting invaluable information…

Information congruent with the offer you will reveal to them…

And which will solve the problems you have identified for them!

“A good advertisement is one that sells the product without drawing attention to itself”

David Ogilvy

The great thing about sexier selling is that it’s much easier than traditional, in-your-face marketing.

For one thing, those long form sales letters are very hard to write well.

Copywriters who can do that are paid gazillions for a good reason.

But you don’t have to worry about that if you follow the New Skool, sexier path.

In fact, you won’t even have to attempt one of those Old Skool sales letters at all.

Instead, all you need to do is follow the steps I set out above and drive the right audience in the right way to the right offer.  

If that sounds hard too, it isn’t.

You just need to understand the specific steps (there are a few more than the three I give above) and follow them in the right order.

Do that and you’ll not only have your savvy audience buying more from you but also coming back for more because – and here’s the really sexy secret – you train them to do so.

Sounds impossible or maybe a tad unlikely?

Believe me, it’s not because, as I said right back at the beginning, this is all based on solid principles that have worked for aeons and will continue to work as long as humans are, well, human.

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How to identify that offer – and the big promise it contains – so you can clearly communicate it to your audience

The Call To Action formula that practically compels your prospect to turn into a buyer (I say ‘practically’ because I don’t want to sound all hypey but this really does work like magic)

Why injecting elements such as storytelling for your savvy audience can make all the difference between them buying and clicking away…or worse, running away screaming…

The 3 Second Rule and how understanding this can be crucial to your success – and no, this has nothing to do with dropped food

What people really want from you and how to deliver it to them so that buying simply becomes part of the fun

And an awful lot more that I simply do not have room to include here or your head will start spinning!


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