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Want To Know How Most Of The Big Dogs Create Products So Quickly & Easily?

Simple answer is: they don’t. 

Instead, they take shortcuts. Like using templates and PLR. Thing is, it’s OK to take shortcuts. In fact, it’s mandatory if you want to succeed online (and off).

Only they have to be the right kind of shortcuts…And I’m about to reveal one of the best to you.

Thing is, you don’t want the kind of shortcut that shortchanges your customer.  You need one that gets you there faster. With far less effort. While still being able to offer a valuable service or product.

Sounds like the kind of shortcut you should be using?

You’re absolutely right.

So what’s this shortcut I’m talking about? I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘Business In A Box’…you might even have bought one or two…

But did they actually live up to their claims?

Or did they bite hard drive dust along with all that other shiny stuff?

You see, not all stuff is created equal. Some you can use straight out of that box, set it right up and have it raking in the cash before you can say ‘that was easy…’

And the other stuff?

Well, that just sucks.

I’ve done it too – invested my hard earned cash into products that quite frankly should have been recycled along with last week’s trash.  

Which is why this won’t be for all of you…

In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s only for a tiny percentage, that 1 or 2% who understand why great material is ESSENTIAL if they want to survive out there in the cut-throat jungle that is now the IM world.

Those 1 or 2% form the elite group of marketers who know that if you find something like this you grab it with both hands because it’s literally gold dust.

Is that you? I don’t know.

But it’s certainly me.

And I’m letting you in on this because I want that group to get bigger…after all, why should only a small number siphon off all those prospects and customers?

I’m on a mission to provide that gold dust to everyone so that all of us – marketers, prospects and customers – benefit.

OK, right now I have a confession to make. 

Those elite marketers I mentioned…yes, some of them are the biggest names in the business. And there’s a reason they’re out there at the front of the race: those shortcuts. They take every single one they can get.


Because they know speed = money.

They don’t waste their time creating stellar, cash-sucking content and killer multimedia material.

They get someone else to do that for them – usually for big bucks.

But now they’ll be looking over their shoulders because you can do the very same thing…for a whole lot less…how good does that feel?!

You see, a lot of those big names rely on their reputations to bring in the moolah over and over again, almost without lifting a finger.

But what if you don’t have a reputation yet as a marketer?

How are you going to get subscribers, clients or customers without anything to back you up?

Easy – you do what I do.

Or rather, I do it for you.

Because with this incredible package you’re benefiting from all my years of experience online and off…

Plus my reputation as a top notch, ethical marketer and producer of multiple bestselling products.

So what’s my secret success formula? Ah…that would be telling! Actually, it’s easy – I only ever aim beyond the best.

Yes, you read that right. I don’t stop at ‘good’ or even ‘great’ – I go for ‘amazing.’

So everything I produce has that wow factor you can instantly tap into to produce the same hugely profitable results.

Plus I go for what’s red hot right now as well as evergreen – niches and topics that will bring in the bucks for you from the get to and that will continue to do so for a long time to come.

There’s nothing I love more than knowing other people can make a great living using my products…doing something they love…and all from their own homes.

There are far too many people out there peddling the dream without really delivering on it. 

The fact is that making money online requires real, hard work…

And that’s the beauty of this system because with this package I’ve done all of the work for you!

I’ve done all the sweating over the keyboard, researching and writing the kind of magnetic material your customers and prospects will find irresistible.

On top of that, I’ve gone way beyond in creating a wealth of additional goodies that you won’t find anywhere else…

And that turn this into one of the most valuable packages I have ever created! 

Presenting The Blogging Means Business Elite PLR Package


That’s right – you can literally take this and start using it without altering a single word or clicking on more than a button to upload.

I pride myself on producing the kind of material I use myself for my customers.

Professionally written and produced by me.

Packed full of value and brimming with those all important hooks that have your customers reaching for their wallets before you can blink…

Here’s What You Get…
  • Check1redExpertly written 30 page, 5,202 word white paper/report that you can use to generate leads for your online or offline consultancy business or to sell for instant cash

    Check1redComes in Word, ODT and PDF format for easy editing and in US/UK English versions

    Check1redUnique, freshly written 7 lesson, 3,175 eCourse you can use to get subscribers salivating, as a basis for your own videos or courses or to sell

    Check1red32 gorgeous, easily editable PowerPoint slides you can use as is or to create your own videos, presentations and webinars, presented with and without Calls to Action and music – transitions and animations already done for you!

    Check1red5 easily editable Memes you can use to promote this on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media, complete with PSDs

    Check1red10 prewritten Tweets you can simply plug in to your account to instantly pull in subscribers and customers 

    Check1redA choice of eBook covers presented with PSDs so you an easily edit them

    Check1redMy How To guide to get you up and running right out of the gate with this incredible package along with a handy Checklist you can use for yourself or for clients and prospects AND an exclusive Blog Template so all your posts will have maximum impact

    Check1redMy exclusive Resource guide to all the free tools and sites you need to make the most of your new PLR package 

    Check1redExclusive Infographic I had designed especially for you that you can use on your sites and social media, print out and give to customers or include in your promotional material

    Check1redEditorial Calendar so you can plan your own – or your client’s – blog marketing strategy simply and easily


But That’s Not All… You Also Get These Premium Graphics Resources!

Stunning Infographics Kit

Fully editable collection of Internet Marketing Infographics you can edit and use in your products as well as on your sites.

You get:

  • 10 Infographics on hot marketing topics.
  • Ready to go in PNG format.
  • Editable PSD and AI formats available.
10 Premium PowerPoint/Flyer Templates

Fully editable PowerPoint templates for all kinds of niches. Suitable for onliners and offliners.

You get:

  • 10 PowerPoint templates in a variety of styles and colorways
  • 10 Flyers that complement the PowerPoints – edit and use as your own
  • 3 BONUS templates


Juicy WSO Graphics & Training

Everything you need to create a successful WSO!

You get:

  • WSO Salespage Template
  • WSO Sales Graphics
  • Graphical Headlines
  • OTO Pages
  • Buttons
  • OTO Bundle Offer
  • Video Training On Launching Your First WSO
  • WSO Case Study

And much more!

Plus These  Valuable Bonuses!
Proven Profit-Pulling Headlines

30 eyeball-grabbing graphical headlines you can edit or use as is on your salespages!
Sales-Sucking Banners

30 professional sales banners in innumerable styles you can edit and use to promote your products and services all over the internet – or give them to your affiliates to promote for you. Comes with video training.


Normally This Exclusive Collection Would Cost You $$$s …That’s If You Could Buy It

I’ve created this offer solely for my customers. People I know will benefit from a product of this quality. You can’t get it anywhere else…and if you tried to create the individual elements or put them together yourself you’d end up paying:

Graphics – $147

PowerPoints – $97

InfoGraphics – $27

Blogging Means Business – $47

Plus those valuable bonuses…

Takes you to a grand total of: $318

But today you’ll pay nowhere near that. Because you’re one of my loyal customers and I know you will benefit hugely from this exclusive package I’m offering it to you today for just:

Secure Your Copy of This Exclusive Upgrade Package And Effortlessly Surge Ahead Of The Competition!
One-Time Only Payment – Includes a Personal Use License. This Means You Have Personal Use PLR Rights To Blogging Means Business And Personal Use Rights To All Other Components. You May Not Sell Or Give Away The Individual Components Or Source Files.

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