Retirement Firesale Upgrade 2

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That Huge Upgrade Package a little too much for you?

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Which is why I have created the Lighter Upgrade Package…

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Here’s What You Get:
The Golden Ticket
  • The one thing you must understand before you even start looking for info product ideas – get this wrong and you can kiss goodbye to happy customers and sales
  • What your customers really want from your product and how to give it to them by supplying the solution they really need
  • Where to find those product ideas that practically sell themselves (not in the places you think)
  • How to test those ideas to make sure they are winners and will continue to be so for months and years to come
  • The huge mistake so many people make when they choose an idea for a product and how to make sure you never make it
  • Why the right mindset really is key to your success – or failure – and how to adopt it fast
  • My Multiple Product Method that drastically cuts down on your time and work so you can churn out streams of profitable products
  • How to quickly and easily create an outline so that your product almost writes itself
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
What You Get With The Golden Ticket
This easy to follow course contains everything you need to create your first…or fifth…product with ease!

Step By Step Videos
Sit back, relax and follow along with me as I lead you through my entire 6 figure idea spotting process – shortcuts, insider secrets and all!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets 
Literally follow along, fill them in and you will end up with your own profitable product ideas – no sweat, no stress – following my proven process!

Main Course PDF 
Follow the simple steps in it so you, too, can come up with those winning product ideas…in 3 hours or less!!

Extra BONUS Training 
Delivered direct to your inbox so you can really make sure you’re up to speed and sharpen your skills even more!!

You also get…
My Flagship 6 Figure Blueprint: Info Cash Machine
  • A fill-in-the blanks blueprint you can follow to create your own cash-spouting product
  • This is the exact same blueprint I use to create winning products time after time
  • Discover precisely who wants to buy what you have to offer…so you can make more profit!
  • How to make sure that people not only LOVE your product but keep coming back for more…and more!
  • The best kinds of product for you to create and why you should ignore the usual advice you get from the gooroos
  • 5 essential but easy steps to fast product creation
  • The one thing you must do to retain your customers and prevent those refunds
  • How to create your irresistible salesletter alongside your product so you work once and profit twice
  • Why real value is so much more important than perceived value and how to convey that to your customers so they love you even more
  • The simple 3 step process to researching any info product (if you really need to)
  • The real reason all the big-name marketers have their own info products and why you should too
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
What You Get With Info Cash Machine
This easy to follow course contains everything you need to create your first…or fifth…product with ease!

Step By Step Videos
Sit back, relax and follow along with me as I lead you through my entire product creation process, – shortcuts, insider secrets and all!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets 
Literally follow along, fill them in and you will end up with your own profitable product – no sweat, no stress – following my proven process!

Video Transcripts 
That you can download, read and digest at your leisure if that’s how you prefer to learn!

MP3 Files For Easy Listening 
You also get MP3 files so you can ingest all the information on the go as well as slides, bonus content and resources and much, much more!

You also get…
Cashflow Kickstart
  • The secret to storytelling…
  • Most people don’t do this right – learn how to leverage the true power of storytelling to boost your results big time!
  • Why your list doesn’t love you any more…
  • Understand the real reasons why they’re not responding and you can turn this around faster than you can blink (or at least blast out an email)
  • How to keep ’em happy so they buy…
  • It’s not about throwing freebies their way or boring them to death…learn the right way to engage and captivate your list and they will love (and buy from you) forever!
  • The right way to engage your list…
  • How to have your susbcribers slavering to read your emails and content
  • What forces them to take action
  • Irresistible triggers you can use to get them to take action…even when they haven’t for months!
  • The 6 Types of email you should send…
  • Deploy one of these surefire winners and your list will be all over you like a love-starved pup!
You also get…
Cash For Trash: How To Find Stuff For Zero Cost & Sell It For Big Profits On Amazon
  • How to find stuff in your own home within seconds that you can sell for big profits
  • What buyers really want and how to determine the price they’re willing to pay (this is vital)
  • Where to source items for pennies that you can sell for 10 x and even 100 x more
  • What you can and can’t sell on Amazon so you don’t waste time and effort
  • The fastest and easiest ways to select, price and list your stuff so that it’s out there making money for you as quickly as possible
  • The REAL treasure among the trash – those rare gems that can go for BIG bucks
  • What you should look out for so you can spot that treasure and cash in!
  • How to effortlessly beat out the competition so you get that sale every time
  • When to pounce and when to pass (a lot of very experienced sellers get this wrong)
  • How much fun it can be to turn cash into trash…and how lucrative!
  • And much, much more…

Plus You Can Learn The Secrets To Success Of 6 & 7 Figure Marketers….


I managed to persuade a very well known and respected marketer to partner with me in bringing you some of his best kept secrets. These have brought him and his students 6 and 7 figure success and now we are sharing them with you…

Is your business not going anywhere no matter what you do?

Have you no explanation for why some people seem to ‘crack’ the whole entrepreneur thing, while you’re forever taking one step forward then two steps back?

You see, there’s a lot more to having a successful online business than knowing how to build a sales funnel, create products, drive traffic and track results

Of course those things are important but you also need to get your thinking to work FOR you and not AGAINST you…

I’ve SEEN the amazing effect altering your mindset can do first-hand.

Not only did it allow me to break through several income barriers that I’d tried every practical step of getting through (Until I realised it was my THINKING that was holding me back not anything else)

…But I’ve also seen it happen time and time again in my CLIENT’S businesses when we worked together on their mindset too

In fact when I first learned how to do this for myself I finally broke through the $3,000 a month barrier that had been holding me back for a long time…

Now YOU can learn to do that too!


You also get…


The 60 Minute Copy Formula…

When you use my formula you’ll know exactly what should go in your headlines, your sub-headlines, your bullet points, your copy and everything else

You just follow, step by step, and replace my examples with your OWN product details.

You Can Have A High-Converting Salespage Ready To Go In Around An Hour!

What Exactly Do You Get?

You get this no-fluff 25-page PDF Formula that shares everything I’ve learned about creating high-converting copy ten years as a full-time writer and marketer…

…and how I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars this year alone from using these EXACT strategies

I deliberately made this formula as short and compact and easy to use as possible, and this is the EXACT SAME formula I work from myself when I create my own sales pages

(In fact I have it open right now as I build THIS one!)

You can start using these strategies immediately, whether you already have sales pages or not.

In fact sometimes it’s better to create a new one from scratch using my formula.

Best of all either way takes less than ONE HOUR.

I can almost guarantee you’ll see an increase in conversions for existing products, and if you start creating/tweaking your pages using these strategies you should attain higher conversions right out of the door.

You get simplicity – This formula is workable regardless of what level you’re at, but the strategies are immensely profitable too

You get actual examples too – This isn’t just theory.

I’ve been using these for ten years and have earned consistently as a full-time online writer and marketer because of them, and again.

The formula contains mutliple examples that you can replicate as much as you wish.

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