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Do you need to generate leads?
Make sales?
Get customers and clients?

Here’s how to do that effortlessly…

My name is Amanda Craven and I’m going to whisper a little secret in your ear…

But before I do, I want to talk to you about some other things no-one else will tell you.

Things like: It’s OK to take shortcuts.

In fact, it’s mandatory if you want to succeed online (and off). Only they have to be the right kind of shortcuts…

And I’m about to reveal one of the best to you.

But you don’t want the kind of shortcut that shortchanges your customer.

You need one that gets you there faster.

With far less effort.

While still being able to offer a valuable service or product.

Sounds like the kind of shortcut you should be using?

You’re absolutely right. Carry on reading and you’ll discover how to…

Do it the easy way!

And make more moolah in the process

So what’s this shortcut I’m talking about? I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘Business In A Box’…you might even have bought one or two…

But did they actually live up to their claims? Or did they bite hard drive dust along with all that other shiny stuff?

You see, not all stuff is created equal. Some you can use straight out of that box, set it right up and have it raking in the cash before you can say ‘that was easy…’

And the other stuff? Well, that just sucks.

I’ve done it too – invested my hard earned cash into products that quite frankly should have been recycled along with last week’s trash.

Which is why this won’t be for all of you…in fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s only for a tiny percentage, that 1 or 2% who understand why great material is ESSENTIAL if they want to survive out there in the cut-throat jungle that is now the IM world.

Those 1 or 2% form the elite group of marketers who know that if you find something like this you grab it with both hands because it’s literally gold dust.

Is that you? I don’t know. But it’s certainly me. And I’m letting you in on this because I want that group to get bigger…after all, why should only a small number siphon off all those prospects and customers?

I’m on a mission to provide that gold dust to everyone so that all of us – marketers, prospects and customers – benefit.

pexels-photo-196666 (1)

pexels-photo-193821 (1)

The Big Dawgs do this too…

But don’t tell everyone…

OK, right now I have a confession to make. Those elite marketers I mentioned…yes, some of them are the biggest names in the business.

And there’s a reason they’re out there at the front of the race: those shortcuts. Yup, they take every single one they can get. Why? Because they know speed = money.

They don’t waste their time creating stellar, cash-sucking content and killer multimedia material. They get someone else to do that for them – usually for big bucks.

But now they’ll be looking over their shoulders because you can do the very same thing…for a whole lot less…how good does that feel?!

You see, a lot of those big names rely on their reputations to bring in the moolah over and over again, almost without lifting a finger.

But what if you don’t have a reputation yet as a marketer? How are you going to get subscribers, clients or customers without anything to back you up?

Easy – you do what I do. Or rather, I do it for you.
Because with this incredible package you’re benefiting from all my years of experience online and off, my reputation as a top notch, ethical marketer and content creator as well as the producer of multiple bestselling products.

My secret to success


So what’s my secret success formula? Ah…that would be telling!

Actually, it’s easy – I only ever aim beyond the best.

Yes, you read that right. I don’t stop at ‘good’ or even ‘great’ – I go for ‘amazing.’

So everything I produce has that wow factor you can instantly tap into to produce the same hugely profitable results.

Plus I go for what’s red hot right now as well as evergreen – niches and topics that will bring in the bucks for you from the get to and that will continue to do so for a long time to come…

And blogging is huge right now.

In fact, it’s bigger than ever.


Because thanks to Google’s drive to make relevant, high-quality content king blogs are the secret to business success.

Just take a look at some of these stats…


Increase Chances Of High Ranking By 434%

Featuring a blog as a key part of your website will give you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines. (Source: Tech Client)

Get 67% More Leads

B2B marketers who use blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those that don’t. (Source: Hubspot)

Generate 3 X More Traffic

B2B companies that blogged 11 times or more per month got 3X more traffic than those blogging only once or less per month. (Source: Hubspot)

Blogs Are ‘Vital’ And ‘Critical’ To Marketing

81% of companies think that their blogs are “useful,” “important,” or “critical.” (Source: Hubspot)

126% More Leads For Small Businesses

Small businesses that blog get 126% more leads than small businesses that do not blog. (Source: Think Creative)

Of Marketers Get Positive ROI

82% of marketers who blog get positive ROI from their inbound marketing activities. (Source: Hubspot)

76% Of Marketers Blog

76% of B2B marketers blog, and 73% publish case studies. (Source: CMI)

81% Of Consumers Trust Blogs

Blogs are trusted sources of information and advice say 81% of US online consumers. (Source: BlogHer)

Get 97% More Inbound Links

Company websites with active blogs have 97% more inbound links than websites without blogs. (Source: Hubspot)

Double Your Email Marketing Traffic

Companies that blog get twice as much traffic from their email marketing than those who don’t blog. (Source: HubSpot)

Here’s What You Get

Professional 35 Page Report

These days your customers and clients want more than the average report – they want expertise and credibility. This 35 page, 5556 word report was professionally written by me to inform, educate and entertain your prospects and customers while also acting as a sales tool for you. 

Comes in UK and US versions as well as Word, ODT and PDF format for easy editing

 Use this as is or break it up into articles or blog/social media posts for even more options

You also get a choice of two report covers along with PSDs so you can easily edit them

I no longer take individual commissions for reports but if I did, my normal rate would make this a value of $2,778

32 Slide Animated PPT Presentation

32 slide animated PPT presentation you can use on your sites, in your webinars and presentations or recorded as a video. Each slide is carefully designed to combine a balance of great information delivered in an engaging, eye-catching manner. All the animations and transitions are already done for you so all you need do is load and go.

Value $480

How To Guide

This exclusive How To Use Blogging For Business Guide helps you overcome one of the dilemmas that faces many marketers – what on earth do you do with your new PLR package? This will tell you exactly what to do, whether you are an offline consultant, a product creator, affiliate or niche marketer.

Value $47

Blogging Checklist

Nothing shortcuts a process better than a checklist and this one runs to 6 pages of comprehensive, tick-it-off points so that nothing is left to chance. You can use this yourself, give it to your clients and customers to use, sell it or hand it to an outsourcer. An invaluable addition to the Blogging For Business package. It comes in editable Word and ODT and ready to use PDF formats so you can either make it your own or simply upload and go.

Value $120

Blog Editorial Calendar

The secret to success for most super bloggers is planning ahead. That way they can strategize their approach for maximum success with minimum effort. This blogging calendar is the perfect tool to help you or your clients do that and you get two versions – one for you and one for clients so you can sell it as a service or use it as a giveaway or complementary tool.

Value $480

Blog Post Template

A tried and tested template that will enable you or your customers to produce the perfect blog post quickly and easily every time. This clear 7 page fill-in-the-blanks guide is foolproof and failsafe so you can guarantee results. 

Value $120

Social Media Images

10 enticing, brand new social media images with quotes and statistics to intrigue and educate your prospects and customers…and establish you as the instant expert!

Value $250


Eye-catching Infographic in two designs that you can embed on your site or other sites and platforms to drive traffic and sales. Comes with editable PSD files so you can make it your own or upload and go!

Value $250

Done For You Keywords

Keywords – the lifeblood of SEO and crucial to your campaign’s success. But you have to find the right kind of keywords, the ones that buyers use. Don’t worry because I’ve done all of that for you too and found over 400 of them that you can plug in and start using to drive traffic to your products and offers right away!

Value: $197

What Customers Say About My PLR

Just bought your PLR and so far quite simply the best PLR I bought… Thanks for the great product.


YES! Another fantastic product from Amanda. Purchased mine immediately – I am truly excited whenever Amanda releases a PLR product because it is ALWAYS superb.

Gene PimentelMarketer & Domain Expert

I just wanted to pop back and say how impressed I am…This is a niche I am passionate about and it is more than a money making niche to me. Hence I really care about the quality of the content and am proud to use them. You write with great clarity and nhigh standards. With your materials, I find myself spending far less time having to edit and rewrite thtem.

Cool WarriorMarketer

Purchased and reviewed your material….very well done!

DigiManOffline Marketer

How You Can Use This Mega PLR Package

  • As an offline consutant
  • As a freelancer offering B2B services
  • As an online marketer to build authority
  • As an irresistible giveaway in all of the above to build a list or keep buyers happy
  • As an easy way to drive traffic and leads
  • As content for your blogs and sites
  • As viral content for your social media sites
  • To sell either as is or bundled with other products
  • To establish yourself as an authority
If You Wanted To Recreate What’s In This It Would Cost You $$$$s …

It’s hard enough finding anyone with the expertise to create all of this…as for doing it yourself, it would take you weeks if not months. And that’s if you have the requisite skills and research capability.

At a very conservative estimate, to get all of this created would cost you: 

Professional eBook/report: $2778

Graphics: $550

32 Slide Animated PPT Presentation: $480

How To guide: $47

Blogging Checklist: $120

Blogging Calendar: $480

Blog Post Template: $120

Social Media Images: $250

Infographic: $250

My expertise & insider knowledge: PRICELESS 

TOTAL: $2,375 

But today you’ll pay nowhere near that. Because this is a special launch offer,  today you’ll pay only:

Your Rights 

What You Can Do:

[YES] Can Brand/Author this product as your own.

[YES] Can be added to Paid  (over $27 monthly) membership sites but not PLR/MRR/RR type sites with Personal Use Only.

[YES] Can be used to create additional products.

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product.

[YES] Can be edited, modified or revised (including the graphics).


What You Can’t Do:

[NO] Can be given away for free (any format).

[NO] Can claim copyright unless substantially altered (at least 60%).

[NO] Can be added into free membership sites.

[NO] Can sell PLR to others.

[NO] Can sell MRR to others.

[NO] Can sell RR to others.

[NO] Distribute or sell the source files for any element in the package.

[NO] Can be added into free membership sites.

[NO] Can sell on auction sites.

[NO] Can sell on the Warrior Forum, JVZoo or WarriorPlus

This Superb, Money-Making Package Is Just A Click Away!

But this is a special offer and that price is going up all the time so get clicking or miss out…

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