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Hey there fellow Amazon marketer!

When I first started out as an Amazon affiliate I did what everyone tells you to do and promoted those products that fell into that sweet spot of $20 – 40.

And it worked really well.

It continues to work well, especially as it creates a high volume of sales and, as you may already know, the more sales you generate on Amazon, the higher your commission rate.

You can see how that works here:


Of course, there are other crucial factors such as choosing the right niche and selling to those buyers in that niche the right way…

But other than that, you could just tick over selling low ticket products…

Except that just ticking over was not what I wanted or needed.

Sure, it’s nice to make regular small amounts of money.

And they do add up.


I wanted some really juicy commissions...

Yep. I wanted to boost those tiny sums with some really juicy commissions. The kind of 3 and even 4 figure amounts you see with some high ticket digital products.

After all, I thought, there are high ticket products on Amazon. And people are buying them – lots of them, as it turned out.

But it’s no good just choosing any old high ticket product and slapping it up on your site. You need to choose the right products within your niche.

You need to use the right criteria to filter out those products that may look good but will never actually sell.

You need the right keywords to draw buyers to your site as opposed to mere info seekers.

Above all, you need to present those products the right way so that your visitors are practically compelled to buy.

So I hunted down the very best high ticket products!

So I went out and hunted down the very best high ticket products in a number of niches I know are hugely profitable. And I know that because I work within them.

If you’re familiar with the Azon PLR mega-packs I’ve produced, you’ll know at least some of those niches. You may already work within them yourself.

You’ll also be familiar with the quality of what I produce as it has to meet my most basic quality test: I never put something out I would not use myself in my own highly successful business.

But, like you, I was a little nervous about promoting what are some seriously highly priced products.

Until I brought all my experience to bear in choosing the right products and presenting them to my buyers in the right way.

I’d been a total idiot...

It was then that I realized I’d been a total idiot for even hesitating in the first place.

You see, there is a basic rule with Amazon buyers:

They spend big…so long as you get it right

In fact, they are more than happy to do so. I’ve had more emails from satisfied customers since I introduced high ticket products than ever before.


To understand that you have to understand the average Amazon buyer.

For one thing, they are usually in a higher income bracket.

They are time poor but cash rich.

They are also intensely loyal to Amazon.

Think about that for a moment and you’ll understand that by offering more choice in the form of higher priced products to your Amazon buyers you’re actually doing them a service.

You’re providing choice and convenience through your curated selection of products.

Plus you pour on the secret sauce by presenting them in the right way.

You'll be more than happy with those fat commissions!

Which means your buyers are happy to spend more and you’re more than happy with those fat commission checks that can really boost your bottom line with the sale of just one high ticket product.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

And you know what?

It takes the same effort to promote a $25 product as it does a $2500 product…the only difference is that the pay-off is far bigger for you.

Believe me, this is not rocket science.

But it does take a lot of patience and skill to sort through the millions of products available on Amazon and pick out the ones you know will be winners.

If the mere thought of spending hours, days and weeks sifting through page after page on Amazon already makes you want to lie down then don’t worry…

I’ve done it all for you!

Because I’ve done it for you.

Yup, I’ve taken on all the heavy lifting, turned my eyeballs pink and worn my fingers to the bone…

And it was totally worth it because I have come up with an amazing selection of surefire high ticket winners that you can simply take and start promoting straight away.

Not only that, I’ve thrown in all the keywords you could ever need – thousands of them – to save you even more hours of time and effort.

You can thank me later 😉

Right now, feast your eyes on this: 

Introducing Azon High Ticket

What You Get With Azon High Ticket

LIVE Video Training

That's right - you get a ringside seat as I teach you exactly how to promote Amazon High Ticket products for the best results! If you can't make the live date, no worries as your recording will be available for you in your Member's Area any time you need!

32,000+ Keywords & Phrases

I also did all the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the right keywords & phrases for all those products - you get over 32,000 of them so you can drive buyers to your sites!

80 High Ticket Amazon Products To Promote

I've spent those hours, days and weeks trawling through Amazon, carefully picking out 8winning High Ticket Amazon products you can promote right away in some of the hottest niches including Weight Loss/Fitness, Dog Care, Yoga, Stress/Relaxation, Fishing & Golf.  I used my own exacting criteria to choose these and am confident they represent the best of the best.

Transcript Of Your Training 

I know some of you prefer to read rather than watch so I'll also be providing a transcript of the live training so that you can sit and go through it at your leisure. 

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Six Figure Affiliate

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