Essential Emails One Limited Edition PLR

Be One Of The Lucky Few To Get These Limited Edition Essential Emails/Blog Posts
(Strictly limited to just 50 spots)

Content. You need tons of it. Especially when it comes to emails and blog posts.

Not just any old content either…but the great stuff. Informative. Educational but entertaining.

The type of content that sets you apart as an authority that people can trust…

So they buy from you.

I’ve been a bestselling author, product creator, teacher and marketer for the past 21 years (yikes!)

And one of the first things I ever created was LImited Edition White Label or PLR content way back in 2009.

Now it’s once more hugely popular as people – quite rightly – look to set themselves apart with something that very few others have.

So I am once more creating very limited edition content for the select few who know just how valuable this is…

And this time I’ve created 14 emails aimed at online beginners…the kind of audience you really want because they buy and buy.

I crafted these with care to ensure they are authoritative (so you are an instant expert) and yet friendly (so they like and trust you).

Thing is, I know how long it takes to create emails like this – and by the way, you can use them as blog posts too or even combine them into a report or ebook. The choice is all yours.

What I have done is written 6, 876 words of pure content gold. The kind that will work for you and that you can take and use right away, sending out these as emails that you can monetise or using them as blog posts and other content with which you can do the same.

Each email is crafted to be used as either part of a sequence or alone. I call them Essential Emails because they are the kind of content which builds a stellar reputation alongside that vital know, like and trust factor.

This is the first collection but there will be others…and right now you get the chance to be one of the first!

I realise that often it’s hard to know how best to monetise PLR like this so I’ve made it super simple for you with guidelines included…

And, as ever, I’m limiting those PLR licenses to 50 in total.

All the content I create is evergreen which means you can keep using and earning from these for months and years to come.

Only catch?

There isn’t really one – more of a big opportunity to get in there before everyone else…

And there will be plenty of others grabbing this…

Because they can see this is golddust.

I’m sure you can too.

Here’s What You Get With This Limited Edition Package

Your 14 emails that fill 20 pages and consist of 6,876 words in total in Word, ODT, txt and PDF format, red hot from my keyboard.



These are the titles of each email/blog post along with their word counts:

How to Create Your First Online Course (623 words)

How to Create Compelling Info Products (573 words)

Writing an eBook: A Beginner’s Guide (466 words)

How to Start a Blog in 7 Easy Steps (542 words)

Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet (445 words)

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – How to Get Started (534 words)

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing (480 words)

How to start an online side hustle (416 words)

How to Choose a Niche (413 words)

How to Get Started with Instagram Marketing (588 words)

How to Get Started with Facebook Marketing (356 words)

How to Get Started with Email Marketing (418 words)

How to Build an Email List from Scratch (423 words)




Here’s What People Say About My PLR

Just bought your PLR and so far quite simply the best PLR I bought… Thanks for the great product.


YES! Another fantastic product from Amanda. Purchased mine immediately – I am truly excited whenever Amanda releases a PLR product because it is ALWAYS superb.

Gene PimentelMarketer & Domain Expert

I just wanted to pop back and say how impressed I am…This is a niche I am passionate about and it is more than a money making niche to me. Hence I really care about the quality of the content and am proud to use them. You write with great clarity and nhigh standards. With your materials, I find myself spending far less time having to edit and rewrite thtem.

Cool WarriorMarketer

Purchased and reviewed your material….very well done!

DigiManOffline Marketer

How You Can Use This Limited Edition White Label/ PLR Package

  • Copy, paste and deploy to become an instant authority
  • Engage new subscribers as an expert they know, like and trust…so they buy from you
  • Insert your chosen affiliate links and start earning right away!
  • Use them as an ecourse
  • Use them to re-engage your existing subscribers
  • As an irresistible giveaway or lead magnet to build a list or keep buyers happy
  • As invaluable content that sucks in visitors and subscribers so they come back for more…and more!

When I was first creating Limited Edition content, I would have charged at least $50 for something as exclusive as this. That was over 11 years ago so now it should be at least double…

Except that we have all been through quite a time. I know people are struggling and I want to do my best to help everyone get back on their feet and/or do much better in 2022…

Which is why I have decided to allow a limited number of licenses for this evergreen report along with those handpicked, evergreen affiliate programs!

I know that this Limited Edition package will work for you and I want to give that opportunity to as many people (within that limit of 50) that I can so I have priced this at a fraction of what I should be charging.

As for that limit – just to be totally transparent, here’s a screenshot of how I set this up in WarriorPlus.

As you can see, there is a set limit of 50:







More transparency – this is a direct download. Once you grab yours, you get it delivered right away. No log-ins. No fuss.

I want to make this as easy as possible but do please remember that there really are only 50 licenses available and my limited edition packages go fast. Once they’ve all gone, this product will genuinely be SOLD OUT.

Get yours before they’re gone:


Secure your copy of this Exclusive Limited PLR today and start profiting from it!

One-Time Only Payment. 

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Your Rights 

You get Personal Use rights to this. This means you can use it on your own sites and in your own emails, edit it and edit the images. You cannot sell it or give it away in its original form, i.e. as a PLR package or use my name in conjunction with it. You also cannot transfer these rights to anyone else.


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