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Introducing 123 Product
  • Fill-in-the blanks outlines you can follow to create your own cash-spouting products
  • These are the exact same outlines I use to create winning products time after time
  • No spending hours and hours researching tons of information - I've done it all for you!
  • Everything you need for 3 complete product funnels so you don't even have to set those up
  • This is as close as it comes to having me stand at your shoulder and tell you what to do! 
  • Scared you won't pick a winning topic? No worries on that score because I've brought all my experience to choosing topics I KNOW are hot-sellers
  • No planning or outlining because I've done all that for you too (how easy does it get?!)
  • In demand, hot content all built in for you...simply flesh out the 7,841 words you already get and you're set
  • Just follow the done-for-you blueprints and plug in the research that is all laid out
  • All of this from the same brain that has created 16 WSOs Of The Day & countless bestselling products
  • Have a product or products out there and selling at least 70% quicker than if you did all this yourself
  • No guessing, no wondering if these topics sell or what to put in your product
  • This is paint by numbers simple - you cannot go wrong!
Here's What You Get With 123 Product...

3 Complete IM Product Funnel Outlines 

These are not just sketchy outlines - each runs to well over 2000 words with a total of 7,841 words and contains complete outlines for:

Your main eBook or video course

A bonus report or bonus video

Email sequence to promote your product

eCourse to siphon in those subscribers and help sell your product (that you can also turn into a report if you wish)

Suggested worksheets

The topics are: Email Marketing, Building Successful Sales Funnels and Productivity - all proven hot sellers

Done For You

Everything is done for you so all you need to do is add your own touch to what's there. You get:

Research - each product outline has been carefully researched so you simply need to follow the guidelines of what to write to make this your own unique product

Further content research - I even give you suggested links so you can quickly and easily flesh out those outlines with the relevant information

Planning & Outlining - everything is planned out so you literally fill-in-the-blanks

Upsells - these products complement one another so you can even plug them in as upsells/OTOs to each other

Vastly reduced creation time - following these outlines will cut down your research and writing time by at least 70%...or you can simply hand these to your outsourcer and not even have to lift a finger!

If You Could Create What's In This Incredible Package It Would Cost You $$$s ...

If you paid me to do this for you - and I don't have time these days to take on individual client projects like this - it would cost you:

Research x 3 Products - $3000

Outline x 3 Complete Product Funnels - $3616

Plus My Expertise...priceless!

Grand Total                                  $6,616 

But today you'll pay nowhere near that. Because this is a special Spring Into Success offer today you'll pay only:

Secure your copy of 123 Product today and start profiting from it!

One-Time Only Payment – Includes a Personal Use & Developer License. This means you may use it to create your own products but may not sell it as is or give it away to anyone else. You may not use my name on your products.

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