Your Own High Converting Sales Letter In 60 Minutes Or Less

Discover how to slap them down & get them up fast

without breaking a sweat…

So you can get on with more important things while they sell your stuff for you…

How easy is this?

It’s plug and play simple.

That easy.


Dear Fellow Human,

I get it.

You would rather pluck out your nose hairs with tweezers than spend days, weeks and even months crafting one of those gazillion page sales letters that go on forever…

Just so you can sell your stuff.

Sure, those letters work. But you don’t need them. What you need is something that does what it says on the tin:


More than that, you want something you can churn out, rinse and repeat knowing that it works.

Every. Single. Time.

I know this because writing sales letters is not my passion. It’s not even my job. But it is something I have to do to sell my stuff and sometimes to help other people sell their stuff too.

I didn’t even plan to create a course on it, let alone another sales letter (it’s the one you happen to be reading right now…)

But I was talking to a marketer friend the other day who told me how much he loves my sales letters.

Yes, really.

And when I explained they don’t actually take me much more than an hour or so to write, he loved them even more…

Then begged me to teach him exactly how I do it.

Everyone Hates Writing Sales Letters

 Turns out almost everyone hates writing sales letters apart from those big cheese copywriters who get paid a ton of money to create those long form monsters that bring in millions.

But you and I are not paid that ton of money to type until our fingertips and brains bleed.

What we want is to get our stuff out there and selling.


Confession time: I’ve written those long form monsters and been paid good money to do it.

But that was back in the days when I was working a ‘proper job’ as a copywriter.

These days, I’m an entrepreneur, just like you.

I don’t have the time or the energy to pour into crafting the perfect sales letter when I know that good enough will do.

So I worked out a way to do just that – craft sales letters fast that are good enough.

In fact, more than good enough.

They‘ve sold hundreds of thousands of products for me and keep on doing so.

Once I realised how well my sales letters were doing, I took a closer look at them.

That’s When I Realised I Had A Winning Formula

Yes – by what you might call a happy accident…or maybe just lots of practice…I had stumbled on my own way of writing sales letters that I more or less repeated each time.

Is it groundbreaking?


You’ll find many sales letters that follow the same or a similar formula.

But they don’t have my secret sauce shortcuts and hacks behind them to make the process painless and the results eyeball-grabbingly good.

As you will have no doubt heard, money loves speed.

And the faster you can knock out a sales letter, the faster you start selling your thingamajig.

Preferably oodles of them.

Of course, you want to be able to do that without slumping over your keyboard exhausted and stressed to the max.

Which is why I turned my method into something you can simply swipe and more or less copy…

Because I turned it into a template.

Not just a template, an entire fill-in-the-blanks system so you can just follow along, inserting the key info as you go.

Info that means you will end up with a sales letter that is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all solution (because those don’t work)…

But a tightly targeted, sizzling piece of copy that will punch the precise emotional buttons of your target audience by offering them the perfect solution (because those do)

60 Minute Sales Letters

With my 60 Minute Sales Letters system, you can come up with those sizzling sales letters in around an hour or so. More if you want to. Less if you’re really racing against the clock.

Now, as I’ve already said this will not help you craft one of those multimillion dollar long form sales letters beloved of the big guns.

And that’s OK.

Because what it will do is enable you to bang out those sales letters with confidence, knowing that they will not only work for you…

But do it really well.

Sounds almost too simple?

Not really.

You see, I distilled my years of learning and real life copywriting experience (over 21, in fact) into something you can take, use and deploy over and over…

Just like I do.

Along with that proven framework, I walk you through the process so you effortlessly understand what it takes to craft a winning sales letter.

Which, of course, means you get better and faster at this without even realising it.

Yes, I know – subliminal learning thrown in for free.

How 60 Minute Sales Letters Will

Change Your Life…

No More Dread

You no longer have to dread sitting down to write the damn thing…because you now have a proven formula to follow!

You can slap it together and know that it will work really well doing the thing it’s supposed to do: sell.

Even The Cat Will Be Happy

And all of that means your friends, family and even the cat like you more…

Because you’re not yelling at the same screen or sobbing in despair at your sales figures but out buying them ice cream, candy and maybe the odd drink.

Get On With Stuff You Like

You sell more of your stuff because you have that sales letter working for you…

Which means you can get on with other stuff that you actually like doing instead of staring at a blank screen slapping your forehead.

Here’s What You Get

My Sales Letter Formula

My proven, tried and tested fill-in-the-blanks sales letter formula so you can literally plug and play every single sales letter you ever need to write.

Hot Headlines

My Hot Headline formulas along with examples of how to create your own so you can not only plug those in fast too but adapt them for all kinds of niches, products and situations.

The Secret Sauce

My Secret Sauce tips and hacks to not only add sizzle to your sales letters but shortcut years of learning so you, too, can get the same results as 6 and 7 figure copywriters.

Video Training

Walkthrough video training where I talk you through how to apply the formula and how you can adapt it if you wish.


The plug and play workbook – it’s fill in the blanks simple to get your sales letter done painlessly and without breaking a sweat

21 Years Of Experience!

Best of all, you get my 21+ years of experience copywriting 6 figure sales letters that have worked for me and my clients so they will work for you too.

P.S. Did this sales letter take me 60 minutes?

Actually, it took 57.

I timed it.

But then, my system is basically like breathing to me because it’s become that effortless.

It can do the same for you.

Which means you can do as I did the minute I finished this and go play ball with your dog…

Or make yourself a nice coffee…

Or do any of the hundred things that are way more fun than spending your life hunched over a keyboard.

Which is something you need never do again once you have 60 Minute Sales Letters 😊

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