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UPDATED For September 2017

Money Spinner

Fidget Your Way To Success!

It all started when my daughter showed me the toy a friend had given her…

It was a cube.

But not any old cube – this thing had multiple buttons to push, levers to pull and things to feel.

And she loved it.

Absolutely loved it.

What’s more – her friends loved it too.

So much so they all had one…they also had other toys like spinners and squeezy balls.

Then I looked around me and saw that my daughter and her friends were not the only ones.

Shops up and down the high street had spinners in their windows and signs shouting about them. 

These things were flying off the shelves

Of course, being a marketer I instantly saw the opportunity here. 

So I began to dig deeper and I found that these things were flying off the shelves.

Literally – stores could not keep up with demand.

Then I looked online too and found that, out of the top 50 bestselling toys on Amazon…

49 were fidget toys.

Imagine that.

These things were taking over the world.


It seemed almost too good to be true…

It seemed almost too good to be true.

So I did some more research.

That’s when I discovered that these things have been around for a while…

But it’s only in the past few weeks that fidget toys have exploded.

So much so that many of the factories in China that traditionally have made smartphone cases and accessories have shut down those operations to focus on fidget spinners full-time.

Think about that for a second.

These things are bigger than smartphone accessories.

Practically everyone on the planet now has a smartphone.

Which makes these spinners and other fidget toys a very big deal indeed.

Which Means This Is A Huge Opportunity For You Too!

Just take a look at some of these headlines…




Isn’t It Time You Got In On The Fidget Toy Goldrush?

This kind of opportunity comes along maybe once or twice in a marketer’s lifetime…an exploding market that is growing and growing, with plenty of depth and the certainty that it will remain evergreen. Why? Because the needs that drive it are also evergreen. Which means a long-term opportunity for you as well as quick profits.

This Is Just About The Easiest Opportunity Ever

Why is this so easy? Because all the hard work is done for you. These things are flying off the shelves. People are desperate to get their hands on spinners, cubes and other fidget toys – you only have to look around at the high street to see how this has taken over. But people are not stupid. They want quality. They want a spinner that spins fast and lasts. A cube they can keep on pressing. Which is why I have give you the lowdown on how to give them what they want in Money Spinner. And if you give them what they want, they will buy.

This Thing Is Global…Which Means Anyone Can Do This!

The fidget craze is truly global which means that you can find way to profit from it no matter your experience level or where you live in the world. A complete newbie can take this and make bank – it really is that easy!

“They’re pretty much evaporating the minute they get on shelves,”

Richard Barry, Toys R Us executive vice president and chief merchandising officer.

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