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I’ll keep this short and sweet because this is such a no-brainer (and I know you have an excellent brain) that I really don’t need to sell this to you…

But this complements what you will learn in Commission Conspiracy that I put together one final very special offer for you.

And I decided to put together one I knew would be of immense value to you because this is the foundation of my own 6 figure business.

As you know, selling your own info products is the surefire route to real, sustained income online.

It’s what I do…it’s what all the gooroos do…and we do it because it works better than anything else.

Think you can’t do that? Sure you can. But you need the right kind of guidance and that’s what I’m giving you here:

My own 6 figure blueprint to product creation (as a 16 x WSOTD winner I think you’ll agree I must be doing something right)

PLUS my idea-generating process so you can come up with a never-ending stream of those profitable products

PLUS my 6 figure templates so you can just fill in the blanks when it comes to creating those products!

Now you have no excuse – you can simply copy my success!

I’m not going to go on and on because I really don’t need to explain the extreme value you’re getting here.

But this really is only available for the Commission Conspiracy launch. After that this offer vanishes.


Here’s What You Get:
My Proven Process For Generating Profitable Product Ideas:  The Golden Ticket
  • The one thing you must understand before you even start looking for info product ideas – get this wrong and you can kiss goodbye to happy customers and sales
  • What your customers really want from your product and how to give it to them by supplying the solution they really need
  • Where to find those product ideas that practically sell themselves (not in the places you think)
  • How to test those ideas to make sure they are winners and will continue to be so for months and years to come
  • The huge mistake so many people make when they choose an idea for a product and how to make sure you never make it
  • Why the right mindset really is key to your success – or failure – and how to adopt it fast
  • My Multiple Product Method that drastically cuts down on your time and work so you can churn out streams of profitable products
  • How to quickly and easily create an outline so that your product almost writes itself
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
What You Get With The Golden Ticket
This easy to follow course contains everything you need to create your first…or fifth…product with ease!

Step By Step Videos
Sit back, relax and follow along with me as I lead you through my entire 6 figure idea spotting process – shortcuts, insider secrets and all!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets 
Literally follow along, fill them in and you will end up with your own profitable product ideas – no sweat, no stress – following my proven process!

Main Course PDF 
Follow the simple steps in it so you, too, can come up with those winning product ideas…in 3 hours or less!!

Extra BONUS Training 
Delivered direct to your inbox so you can really make sure you’re up to speed and sharpen your skills even more!!

My Flagship 6 Figure Blueprint: Info Cash Machine
  • A fill-in-the blanks blueprint you can follow to create your own cash-spouting product
  • This is the exact same blueprint I use to create winning products time after time
  • Discover precisely who wants to buy what you have to offer…so you can make more profit!
  • How to make sure that people not only LOVE your product but keep coming back for more…and more!
  • The best kinds of product for you to create and why you should ignore the usual advice you get from the gooroos
  • 5 essential but easy steps to fast product creation
  • The one thing you must do to retain your customers and prevent those refunds
  • How to create your irresistible salesletter alongside your product so you work once and profit twice
  • Why real value is so much more important than perceived value and how to convey that to your customers so they love you even more
  • The simple 3 step process to researching any info product (if you really need to)
  • The real reason all the big-name marketers have their own info products and why you should too
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
What You Get With Info Cash Machine
This easy to follow course contains everything you need to create your first…or fifth…product with ease!

Step By Step Videos
Sit back, relax and follow along with me as I lead you through my entire product creation process, – shortcuts, insider secrets and all!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets 
Literally follow along, fill them in and you will end up with your own profitable product – no sweat, no stress – following my proven process!

Video Transcripts 
That you can download, read and digest at your leisure if that’s how you prefer to learn!

MP3 Files For Easy Listening 
You also get MP3 files so you can ingest all the information on the go as well as slides, bonus content and resources and much, much more!

Plus You Get To Legally Steal My Product Templates With Product Blast Off!
Get Your Hands On The Blueprints That Have Brought Me In 6 Figures…
What You Get With Product Blast Off

Template Collection

The product creation templates I created and use every day to make my own award-winning products.

You get:

  • Ebook templates
  • Worksheet templates
  • Ebook cover templates
  • Meme templates

Simply swipe these and use them as they is or make any changes you wish. All in Word and ODT formats for easy editing.

Ecover Template Collection

Every product creator needs ecover templates but all too often they’re tricky to edit. Not this lot! 

You get:

  • 58 ecover templates
  • Variety of formats including PSD, Word and ODT
  • Super easy to edit
  • No need for Photoshop – you can also use free tools

Never pay a designer again or spend hours editing a template – just a few clicks with these and you’re done. Every product needs a professional ecover and now you can create your own easily for free!

Royalty Free Music

Adding music to your videos and presentations really gives them that professional edge.

You get:

  • 67 royalty free tracks 
  • Varying lengths 
  • Specially chosen to fit all kinds of niches
  • MP3 format 

It’s hard to find genuinely royalty free music that you can use in your products. You can safely use these for all your audio and video needs.

Sales Graphics Collection

Every product creator needs sales graphics and these are proven to convert browsers into buyers. 

You get:

  • Responsive Minisite Templates
  • Graphical Headline Templates
  • Banner Templates
  • Attention Grabbers
  • Testimonial Boxes
  • Headlines
  • Stickers
  • Logos
  • Arrows
  • Countdown & Warning Banners
  • Add To Cart Buttons
  • Handwritten Graphics
  • WSO Banners
  • Bullets
  • Bullet Lists
  • Guarantee Boxes
  • Guarantee Seals
  • Pricing Tables
  • Order Boxes

And much more!

PowerPoint Templates

I created and have used these PowerPoint Templates in several highly successful products. 5 additional templates also come with editable flyers in PPT.

I also created 3 PowerPoint stingers complete with music that you can easily edit and drop in to your videos and presentations for that uber professional touch.

You get:

  • My 2 Best PowerPoint Templates
  • 18 Slides Styles In Total
  • 3 Editable PowerPoint Stingers
  • 5 More PowerPoint Templates With Editable Flyers
  • 25 Slide/Flyer Styles In Total

Use these in your videos and presentations – it’s all done for you!

Product Creation Graphics

Extra graphics specifically to help you in your product creation.

You get:

  • Meme templates
  • Video backgrounds
  • Postcard templates
  • Viral quotes templates
  • Mascot Kit


But That’s Not All Because You Also Get These Incredible Bonuses!
Smart Video Salesletters 


Finally, you can discover how to build a super high converting video sales letter using a hybrid strategy.

In this 9 part video series, you will learn how to properly set up and use the power of smart video sales letters…to sell tons more products!

Facebook Mastermind Continuity


What if you had no software, no WordPress plugins, no membership script, no landing page, no sales letter, and no sales video? 

Discover how to turn your products into a profitable source of recurring income using only the power of Facebook!

Get The  Very Special Upgrade Now for $141 Just:
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