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How To Crack The Amazon Code So That You Rank Higher, Get More Buyers & Sell More Stuff!
The Insider Secrets To Rising Above The Amazon Herd…



So…you heard about that Amazon gold rush. I mean, everyone and their dog is making bundles of cash there now, right? 

You created or sourced your product. Made it unique (or so you thought). Then you sat back and watched as it went live just waiting for that money to start rolling in… 

And waited… 

And waited some more

It Isn’t That Easy…

Until finally you realised that it isn’t that easy. 


Because everyone and their dog is trying to do the same thing as you. 

I feel your pain because I was there too…waiting, wondering and hoping. Staring at my inbox willing those sales confirmations to come in. 

Then one day I decided enough was enough. I wasn’t going to waste my life and my hopes gazing at a computer screen. I decided to dive right in and learn everything I could to beat out the competition… 

Finally, through a lot of trial and error, I cracked the Amazon code. 

I discovered how to make sure my listings were not only right up there but had hordes of customers flocking to them… 

And once they were there I socked them right between the eyeballs (in a good way) so they reached on autopilot for their wallets and bought my stuff.

Is This A Conspiracy?

Did they lie to you? 


People just like you really are making a fortune on Amazon. 

And they’re doing it all kinds of ways from retail arbitrage to sourcing wholesale as well as creating bundles and their own private label products. 

But those people that are doing really well have learned what it takes to make them rise above the huge crowds of sellers that are now on Amazon.

Only a short while ago, there weren’t nearly so many. But now the competition is stiff. There are simply too many other sellers to beat.

And how do you do that?

You Need To Know The Secrets…

You see, those mega-successful sellers know – or have stumbled across – the secrets to rising high in the Amazon search results and getting more buyers to their products. 

Just like I did… 

So is this some kind of complicated black hat stuff? Do you need to do all kinds of shady things?

Absolutely not. 

What you do need to know is how to beat the competition at their own game. You have to understand how to make your listings stand out so that you become the obvious – the only choice – for buyers.

So You Can Sell More Stuff!

I’ve spent months and years finding out what really works best on Amazon and now I’m teaching you all I know so you, too, can sell more…a lot more…of your stuff. 

Is this difficult? No. Complicated? No. Long and slow? No. 

This is up to the minute, simple and yet incredibly powerful. Provided you do it right (I’ll show you how). 

So who is this for? 

This is for you if you sell your own products or bundles or intend to on Amazon. This isn’t for you if you’re a tyre-kicker, easily dazzled by shiny objects (this isn’t one, btw) or don’t want to make a lot more money more easily on Amazon. 

What I have to teach you is quick, easy and guaranteed to work provided you put it into practice! 

Here’s what your fellow marketers think of my Amazon training:

Introducing Sell More Stuff (On Amazon)
Here’s What You Will Discover…
  • What’s working now to make you stand out from the Amazon herd so you make more sales 
  • My process for precisely pinpointing and targeting your perfect buyers so they feel compelled to buy your products 
  • What really counts when it comes to ranking higher on Amazon so you get pushed to the top of the search pile 
  • The right – and the wrong – way to write killer product descriptions so that people buy from you rather than the competition 
  • The best way to create those all-important titles and bullets   – get this wrong and you can kiss goodbye to a huge number of sales 
  • How to set your product apart even if you’re selling the exact same thing as other people 
  • Real life examples to demonstrate the right and the wrong way to do things on Amazon 
  • Little known strategies to get more buyers to your products (most sellers have never even heard of these)
  • The beauty of bundles and how these can set you apart from the crowd 
  • My method for getting more, higher-quality reviews 
  • Insider secrets on what really works to get you more buyers…and what doesn’t
  • How to target the hearts AND minds of Amazon buyers so that your products prove irresistible 
I Lead You Through This Step By Step

I lead you through this step by step, providing videos and worksheets to help you along the way so that you learn at your own pace and in a style that suits you. 

Plus I even include an invaluable bonus in the form of my bestselling course Amazon Gold to really ramp up your Amazon earnings!



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