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Start by downloading the main PDF and read through it. Then simply watch each video in turn when prompted and download the appropriate worksheet if available. 

Complete your workbook once you have gone through the main PDF and videos. Use your Pinterest A-Z and Pinterest Superstars PDFs as adjuncts to your other material.

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Video One: How Pinterest Is Different
 Please view these videos in order and then feel free to go back and review specific sections.
Video Two: Your Target Audience
Please view these videos in order. You will find relevant links below where applicable.
Video Three: The Customer Journey
Video Four: Creating A Pin

Here are some free tools to help you create great Pins:

Video Five: Get Your Pins To Show Up On Pinterest
Video Six: The Power of Hashtags – Proof

Update: Affiliate links are now allowed on Pinterest and there is more about that in other sections of this course.

Please follow everything else on this video as it is highly relevant.

Learn more about Rich Pins here:

Video Seven: Selling Your Stuff On Pinterest
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Video Eight: Turbocharge Your Results
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Advanced Lessons & Tips
Once you have gone through the main Pin Code course, move on to these additional bonus lessons and tips to get even better results on Pinterest!

This is the page mentioned in the video so you can see exactly how I have set it up:

Video Nine: Affiliate Tips 1
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You can download your bonus editable Viral Quotes below:
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