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Those of you who leaped on my Azon Dog PLR know just how insanely profitable a niche this is...and how it just keeps on growing.

But did you know that one of the sub-niches that sucks in even more cash is...wait for it...puppies?

Stands to reason if you think about it. Anyone buying or adopting a brand new pup is in baby buying mode which means they want to spend, spend, spend on the best they can get for their new addition.

I know because I've watched my friends order a fabulously expensive crate for their tiny new Tibetan terrier simply because they'd read it was the the crate to beat all crates...

Then there is my neighbour who insists that their Labradoodle (one of the naughtiest dogs I know) sports a stunning new collar every other week in between visits to the groomer.

As for toys - don't get me started. I now keep them in stock to give to the new doggie additions that appear on a regular basis.

The thing with puppies is that they need stuff. Lots of it. And they quickly grow out of that stuff so they stuff. 

All of it conveniently available on Amazon so my time-poor but pet-obsessed friends don't even have to leave the house to keep their pooches suitably supplied!

Of course, this is excellent news for you if you are an Amazon affiliate.

Promoting puppy products is about as close as it gets to guaranteed recurring income because so many of them need replenishing or replacing every few weeks or even days.



So why do puppy owners spend so much?

Simple - dogs and, in particular, puppies need more grooming, care and essential accessories than almost any other pet. 

There's also the pamper factor with the pet industry reporting millions more people making up for lack of time with their pets by spoiling them, not just with toys and treats but also grooming and other services...

Which, again, is good news for you because all those dog and puppy services are also consumers in this exploding market!


And this is not just in the US - it is a global phenomenon:



As you've seen, within the pet care market puppy care is an excellent sub-niche to profit from and my new Azon Puppy Package will help you do just that without you having to lift a finger (apart from to upload all the goodies you get!)

Which is why I focused on finding exactly the right kind of Amazon products for you to promote with this mega PLR package.

Among the high-converting material are videos, graphics and multimedia elements to appeal to the high-spending Amazon demographic as well as a brand new professionally written report, all of it created entirely by me, based on my own experience in the niche.

Which means that you get tried and tested PLR material which is not only precisely targeted to this's also targeted to the Amazon customer.

And that means more profit for you!

Your customers will love this content and your subscribers will be itching to sign up as it feeds one of the hungriest crowds around with what they want, driving them to buy the products you promote and/or create. 

Here's What You Get With This Incredible Package...

15 Brand New Amazon Product Review Videos

Each highly professional video showcases an Amazon product to its best advantage. Your buyers will be salivating over these and they make for an easy sell.

You can use them on your own sites or on video sites such as YouTube. All music is Royalty Free and you will get your videos in MP4 format for easy editing.

Each video is crafted to the perfect length to capture your viewer's attention and hold it just long enough to convince them to buy. The effects used enhance rather than distract from the most important element: the product.

All the products have been carefully chosen to cover a range of price points and are current bestsellers on  Amazon.

Value: $396

Market Intelligence Report

Here's how I get ahead of the competition - I research a niche minutely before I enter it so I know exactly who my buyers are, what they want and why they will buy.

All those hours of research pay off for me big time but it really does take days rather than hours...which is why I've done it all for you.

You get my top secret, insider Market Intelligence Report on this niche so you can take all my carefully researched information, including some big-ticket affiliate programs you have probably never heard of, and use it to make even more moolah!

Please note that if you already have the Dog Care Market Intelligence Report this will, of course, be very similar albeit with some new information and links.

Value: $47

Amazon Products Report

Knowing which products to promote is vital to your success. This niche specific report contains expertly researched and curated products that are all current Amazon bestsellers and - crucially - have been selling steadily well for some time.

You get 30 guaranteed winners to promote along with all the relevant information you need. Your Amazon Review Videos cover the best of the best here so you can make an instant impact and start raking in those affiliate payouts!

Value: $67

Brand New Professional Report

Content is King in any niche - and with this content you can definitely rule!

Here's what you get:

Checkmark3Professionally written report you can use to capture leads and subscribers or as a bonus or send out to your list:

Checkmark3Puppy Essentials - What To Buy For Your New Pet

Unique 1,522 word, 10 page report that contains a wealth of comprehensively researched information on what to buy for a new puppy. This comes complete with gorgeous photographs, written to publication standard by me.  

You get all the doc and source files so you can edit, add to or change this up to your heart's content and, of course, you get to slap your name on it as author with your personal PLR rights.

I've been a published author and journalist for over 14 years and I take great pride in my work.  I do not outsource the writing of my eBooks so you I can guarantee you'll be able to sell this with pride and without worrying about refunds.

If I were to write these reports for you it would cost at least $330 at my usual rates!

Value: $330



Choice Of Gorgeous Squeeze Pages

Two Gorgeous Squeeze Pages!

You get two stunning, professionally designed HTML squeeze/landing pages that are extremely easy to edit, modern in design and irresistible to subscribers! 



Value: $197

10 Brand New Instagram Puppy Tips Images

Some of the most searched hashtags on Instagram are #lovepuppies #pets #pupp #quotes and #dog and with this being one of THE traffic-driving sites right now you need to be posting images there.

I've taken care of that for you too with these 10 stunning, brand new Puppy Tips images I created especially sized and optimized for Instagram!

Use these as is, edit using the supplied PSD files or share on other social media sites as well, including Pinterest (another huge traffic driver where people also go crazy for images like these).

You get PSD files along with the JPG files so you can easily edit these to your heart's content.

Value: $250

Done For You Keywords

Checkmark3Keywords - the lifeblood of SEO and crucial to your campaign's success. But you have to find the right kind of keywords, the ones that buyers use. Don't worry because I've done all of that for you too and found over 800 of them that you can plug in and start using to drive traffic to your products and offers right away!

Value: $67

You Get All Of This When You Invest Today In The Ultimate Azon Puppy Products PLR Kit! 

But That's Not All Grab This Today And Get All These Amazing BONUSES:
How To Train Your Puppy PLR

Excellent 5170 word eBook with PLR you can use as is or break up into articles!
Dog Training Software


“Hot Niche Software Product In Evergreen Niche … Ready For You To Profit From! Rebrandable So You Can Add Your Affiliate Link!”

Here's What People Have To Say About My PLR...

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Amazon Review Videos - $396

Market Intelligence Report - $47

Amazon Products Report    $67

Two Professional Reports $330

Unique Squeeze Pages      $297

Puppy Tips Viral Images    $250

Done For You Keywords     $67

PLUS Those Valuable Bonuses...

Grand Total                                  $1,454

But today you'll pay nowhere near that. Because this is a special pre-launch offer today you'll pay only:

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Your Rights 

What You Can Do:

[YES] Can Brand/Author this product as your own.

[YES] Can be added to Paid  (over $27 monthly) membership sites but not PLR/MRR/RR type sites with Personal Use Only.

[YES] Can be used to create additional products.

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product.

[YES] Can be edited, modified or revised (including the graphics).


What You Can’t Do:

[NO] Can be given away for free (any format).

[NO] Can claim copyright unless substantially altered (at least 60%).

[NO] Can be added into free membership sites.

[NO] Can sell PLR to others.

[NO] Can sell MRR to others.

[NO] Can sell RR to others.

[NO] Distribute or sell the source files for any element in the package.

[NO] Can be added into free membership sites.

[NO] Can sell on auction sites.

[NO] Can sell on the Warrior Forum or as any part of a WSO

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