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It was the kale that broke me.

A kale smoothie, to be exact...sprinkled with Chia seeds and a light dusting of feelgood factor...

That was when I realised this healthy eating thing had taken over the world.

And who am I to argue with the world?

I gulped it down.

It was actually OK.

More than OK. And I felt good for it.

All around me, people were doing the same...people dressed in their workout gear...or just their regular gear...

All kinds of people.

Not just the ones you see all over those hugely successful food blogs with their tanned, toned limbs and glowing faces (we'll get to them later). 

There's a reason those food blogs and Pinterest boards are so hugely successful...

It's because now, more than ever, people care about what they put in their bodies.

They care because the cost of getting sick is so high...

Because everyone else is doing it....

For a million reasons...

Actually, a trillion reasons because that's what people are spending in this market right now.

Here's what Euromonitor had to say in 2014 and in 2016 buyers in this market have already broken that trillion dollar barrier:

“The global functional, allergen-free, organic and other healthy foods market will push through the $1 trillion (€770m) mark for the first time in 2017, as consumer interest in preventing illness via foods snowballs...”

Euromonitor International


Just take a look at what people are searching for right now when it comes to food:




People love food.

Not just any old food.

Healthy food.

You love it. I love it. The internet loves it. We spend a ton of our time online talking, sharing and buying food-related stuff.

Just think about it for a second…how many food blogs have you seen? Recipe sites? Social media images?

Whatever the number you think, it will only be a tiny fraction of what is out there.

We’re all food crazy. More than that, we're healthy crazy.

Just stop and think for a now affects almost every market.

It's our biggest concern.

And so it should be. Our bodies and minds are precious and we need to look after them, especially with costs soaring and jobs still hard to find and hold on to.

Then there’s the TV shows complete with chefs showing us how to cook healthily…

Plus all those infomercials, endless new gadgets to help you cook healthy food, clean and healthy eating cookbooks topping the bestseller lists…Those gadgets people love to buy to fit in with their friends and tap into crazes like juicing:


It all adds up to an industry worth trillions...

And now you can have your slice of that enormous healthy eating pie.

If you look at social media, food and drink doesn’t just dominate – it sells.

On Pinterest, 57% of its 70M + users are sharing food pins and clicking through to buy the products those pins promote:


So what does this mean for you?

Quite simply, hard cash.

Let me tell you about  Ella Woodward whose blog Deliciously Ella spawned a bestselling book and the no. 1 selling iTunes app.

It's a blog she started when she contracted a rare disease and beat it through a change of diet.

She now shows you and me how to be healthier and even overcome illness through her tips and recipes.

Healthy Food blogs beat other blogs hands down when it comes to engagement...and of course, that means they also win when it comes to profitability:


Then there are the affiliates and product sellers quietly raking it in through their stores, sites, books, videos and social media posts. 

Now, I’m not saying you’ll make those numbers but there are lots of perfectly ordinary people out there earning significant sums.

They’re tapping into that international, evergreen fascination with healthy cooking and eating. Making a great living out of doing something they love.

There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t too...feeding the hungriest niche of them all!

Of course, like all niches it helps to know what you're doing. In fact, it's essential. Offer people the wrong kind of solution or product and you're finished before you start...

Which is why I've created this incredible Azon Healthy Eating PLR package packed full of the right kind of material, the sort that will actually resonate with your target audience so they go on to buy.

That audience loves both physical and digital products which is why I have supplied you with all you need to either promote or even sell your own Amazon products in this niche as well as ebooks, courses, videos, audios...the possibilities are endless.

Among the high-converting material are graphics and multimedia elements to appeal to this demographic as well as professionally written reports, all of it created entirely by me as I know from experience what works.

This means that you get tried and tested PLR material that has been carefully and precisely targeted to this niche...and that means more profit for you!

Your visitors and customers will lap up this content as it feeds one of the hungriest crowds around with what they want, driving them to buy the products you promote and/or create.

You see, this is not only invaluable for Amazon affiliates - FBA sellers, affiliate marketers and product creators can all take this and use it to make fast, easy $$$s.

Azon Healthy Eating PLR

Here's What You Get With This Incredible Package...

20 Brand New Amazon Product Review Videos

Each highly professional video showcases an Amazon product to its best advantage.

All of these were chosen because they are the hottest products on the top food blogs right now as well as on Amazon. Your buyers will be salivating over these and they make for an easy sell.

You can use them on your own sites or on video sites such as YouTube. All music is Royalty Free and you will get your videos in MP4 format for easy editing.

Each video is crafted to the perfect length to capture your viewer's attention and hold it just long enough to convince them to buy. The effects used enhance rather than distract from the most important element: the product.

All the products have been carefully chosen to cover a range of price points and are current bestsellers on  Amazon.

Value: $528

Market Intelligence Report

Here's how I get ahead of the competition - I research a niche minutely before I enter it so I know exactly who my buyers are, what they want and why they will buy.

All those hours of research pay off for me big time but it really does take days rather than hours...which is why I've done it all for you.

You get my top secret, insider Market Intelligence Report on this niche so you can take all my carefully researched information, including some big-ticket affiliate programs you have probably never heard of, and use it to make even more moolah!

Value: $47

Amazon Products Report

Knowing which products to promote is vital to your success. This niche specific report contains expertly researched and curated products that are all current Amazon bestsellers and - crucially - have been selling steadily well for some time.

You get 30 guaranteed winners to promote along with all the relevant information you need. Your Amazon Review Videos cover the best of the best here so you can make an instant impact and start raking in those affiliate payouts!

Value: $67

Brand New Report

Checkmark3Expertly written report that contains hot healthy eating tips to entice subscribers or send to your current ones!

Checkmark3Comes in Word, ODT and PDF format for easy editing

Checkmark3 Use this as is or break it up into articles for even more options

Checkmark3You also get a choice of two report covers along with PSDs so you can easily edit them

Value: $760

Choice Of Gorgeous Squeeze Pages

Two Gorgeous Squeeze Pages!

You get two stunning, professionally designed HTML squeeze/landing pages that are extremely easy to edit, modern in design and irresistible to subscribers! 



Value: $197

10 Brand New Pinterest Quote Images

With 57% of Pinterest's 70m+ users sharing and pinning in the Food & Drink category, this is one platform you need to be onto drive a ton of traffic to your offers and sites.

To give you a flying start, I've created 10 brand new, gorgeous Pinterest images that are perfectly sized and optimized for maximum impact on the site.

You get PSD files along with the JPG files so you can easily edit these to your heart's content.

10 Brand New Instagram Quote Images

Some of the most searched hashtags on Instagram are #food, #foodie, #deliciousfood and #foodquotes and with this being one of THE traffic-driving sites right now you need to be posting quote images there.

I've taken care of that for you too with these 10 stunning, brand new quote images I created especially sized and optimized for Instagram!

Use these as is, edit using the supplied PSD files or share on other social media sites as well, including Pinterest (another huge traffic driver where people also go crazy for quotes like these).

You get PSD files along with the JPG files so you can easily edit these to your heart's content.

Gorgeous Healthy Eating Tips Slide Deck

This stunning PPT slide deck contains healthy eating tips but that's not all you get...

Because I've turned it into a report and video for you as well to multiply your content options and drive even more traffic to your sites!

You also get the slides as individual images to upload and use as you wish on your blog or on social media sites.



200 Niche Articles
200 Expertly written niche specific articles you can upload straight to your blog or combine to make new reports!


Done For You Keywords

Keywords - the lifeblood of SEO and crucial to your campaign's success. But you have to find the right kind of keywords, the ones that buyers use. Don't worry because I've done all of that for you too and found over 1900 of them that you can plug in and start using to drive traffic to your products and offers right away!

Value: $97

3 Brand New Top Tips Videos 

Healthy Eating and Cooking tips are enormously popular on Youtube! Just take a look at these screenshots to see the millions of views these videos get: 

FireShot Capture 385 - How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy_ -

FireShot Capture 386 - HOW TO START A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! Get fit, s_ -

FireShot Capture - 10 Cooking_Food Life Hacks - YouTube_ -


That's why I created 3 brand new Top Tips Videos for you so that you, too, can upload them to YouTube or your own sites and benefit from those insane views.

Here's a brief snippet of one so you can get an idea of just how powerful these are: 

You Get All Of This When You Invest Today In The Ultimate Azon Healthy Eating PLR Kit! 

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eBook & Report With Covers - $760

Unique Squeeze Pages - $297

Top Tips Videos $897

Pinterest Quotes: $250

Instagram Quotes $250

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But today you'll pay nowhere near that. Because this is a special pre-launch offer exclusively for my fellow Warriors, today you'll pay only:

Azon Healthy Eating PLR

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[YES] Can be edited, modified or revised (including the graphics).


What You Can’t Do:

[NO] Can be given away for free (any format).

[NO] Can claim copyright unless substantially altered (at least 60%).

[NO] Can be added into free membership sites.

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