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First of all, thank you for investing in Lucrative Lists - I know it's going to make a real difference to you and your business!

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to offer you something very special indeed...

My bestselling WSO Of The Day, The eCash Generator, is the perfect complement to Lucrative Lists. It teaches you everything you need to know about giving your subscribers what they want so they will learn to love clicking on your links...

As well as a ton about creating stuff they actually want and need so they love YOU even more!

The eCash Generator was called 'The Next Big Thing In IM' by Mike Lantz no less...

This indispensable course sells every day for $47...

But today I'm offering it to you at a HUGE discount along with Done For You emails that you can simply upload to your autoresponder and send for immediate results!

Here's What You Get  With The eCash Generator:
  • Step by step instructions on how to create your own cash-siphoning eCourse in only a few hours and for FREE
  • Watch over my shoulder as I show you everything you need to know in 10 videos and comprehensive lessons
  • Learn how to establish yourself as an Instant Expert in your niche and to profit from that status
  • Simply by following the course you learn EXACTLY how to structure your own for maximum results
  • And by doing so you are tapping into two of the most explosive growth areas online: email and eLearning!
  • You also get my personal multimedia approach that lets you to appeal to all learning styles - hooking everyone in to what you have to say
  • No need to be nervous about creating content - I show you different ways to get it all done for you and for free
  • Through the eCash Generator, you also build a valuable asset that you can go on to sell if you wish
  • AND you create a hub that is safe from social media changes – build it once and send people there over and over again
  • Most importantly of all, by creating all this value you create raving fans and your own tribe right from the start
  • A tribe who will remain loyal which means you have a sustainable business – one that will last for years to come!
PLUS You Also Get...
Rapid Magnet Blueprints
Discover How To Create High Converting Lead Magnets Fast!
  • 9 Part Video Course designed to save you the hours of effort it can normally take to create effective lead magnets or giveaways to build your list
  • If you're spending days, weeks, or even months figuring out what to create, then you need this course
  • You'll learn how to create high converting lead magnets fast; literally in 5-10 minutes or less
  • Video #1: Introduction to Rapid Lead Magnets
  • Video #2: The Ladder
  • Video #3: Front End Extraction
  • Video #4: Medium to Medium
  • Video #5: For Video Courses
  • Video #6: For EBooks
  • Video #7: For Audio Courses
  • Video #8: For Software
  • Video #9: For Services
  • Rapid Magnet Blueprints covers everything you need to know to create lead magnets for any niche or market!
WAIT - We're Not Finished Because You ALSO Get...
7 Minute Emails
My bestselling course that teaches you how to create cash-sucking emails...In 7 Minutes Or Less!
  • You will learn how to...
  • Develop your own unique voice (trust me, this is the #1 secret to success when it comes to writing successful emails)
  • Pinpoint and prod those problems and points of pain (that’s the #2 secret of success)
  • Transition seamlessly through so your prospect doesn’t even see that sale coming…
  • And then get them to click through to the sales page…
  • All without breaking a sweat
  • How easy could it be?
  • Actually, it would be a lot harder without 7 Minute Emails…
  • Because I’ve poured my years of experience into it…all the trial and error you don’t have to go through…the hours spent studying the top email masters…
  • So you can learn how to do it in one easy read…



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