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Got more month than money?

Or, like so many others, are you staring at those bills in disbelief?

As the cost of living soars and the world is still not over the pandemic, people are panicking.

I know the feeling.

That sick knot in the pit of your stomach.

But the difference between you and me is that I’ve been here before and I know exactly what to do.

Even better, I can not just show you but GIVE you the solution on a plate…

 So you can just take my tried and tested systems & ideas…

Along with my DFY templates and assets…

And get your own micro product out there and selling fast!

No guessing or desperately trying to come up with ideas…

Because I do all that for you.

No need to wonder if it will work…

It’s all based on my proven products and years (over 20!) of experience.

In the time it takes most people to jump from one no-hope option to another, you can have your own professional product out there and selling.

This is step by step simple…

All you have to do is follow my step by step instructions, use my templates and relaaaax.

No months or even years of trial and lots of error.

No spending more and more to finally ‘crack the code’ (not that there is a code).

And absolutely no need to tie yourself in knots deciding what niche or topic might just sell.

I give you the ones I KNOW sell well because they are the sames ones I have sold and keep selling again and again.

Am I worried you might become my competition?

Well, for your sake I hope you do because I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars just like this. 

Of course I can’t guarantee that you will too…

I can’t guarantee anything.

But I do know that you have a much better shot with this because it works for me all the time.

There is absolutely no reason it should not work for you too, provided you follow my easy steps.

All it takes is an afternoon…

I know that when the wolf is at the door, time is everything.

So I’ve made sure you can do this in as little as an afternoon if necessary…

Or you can take a little longer if things are less pressing and also get great results.

Results that build your business at the same time.

You see, nano products like this are also fanstastic for building the best kind of list – a list of buyers.

Which means this is a long-term solution as well as a quick fix.

Anyone can do this

Yes, even you.

You there…at the back…trying to hide…

Because you don’t have to be a genius or have some kind of superpower to succeed with this.

I have taught everyone from a 14 year old schoolkid to an 80 year old retired medical secretary and they not only did it, they did it really well using exactly what you get here.

Now they know what to do, they can repeat that success over and over…

Which genuinely means they need never worry about life’s curveballs again.

Better than any ‘push button solution’…

It’s far too easy to be tempted by those so-called ‘push button solutions’ when you’re stressed out or desperate.

When the sad truth is that they simply don’t work.

What does work are tried and tested, ethical methods like this one…

And now I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you with the Emergency Cash Kit.

If you don’t know me, my name’s Amanda Craven and I’ve been producing top quality products since 2009.

I’ve won rave reviews for my products and sold nearly a million of them to date to happy, repeat customers worldwide.

I’m telling you that not to boast but to reassure you…

So why is my stuff different?

Well, not only am I a professional writer with extensive credits but I am also a highly successful product creator and marketer in multiple niches.

I understand what people want to buy and why.

People not only buy my products but they use them to create their own success…as with this one.

You really can take The Emergency Cash Kit and start using it NOW.  

Read on to discover what this unique kit contains or simply grab yours at the lowest price by clicking on the buy button below: 

Here’s What You Get

The ECK Training Guide

This is the core of your kit – a comprehensive training guide that walks you through the steps to creating your nano product quickly and easily using all the resoures provided.

You get the exact process I follow each time I create a product like this so you can be confident it’s proven and it works. 


DFY Niches & Titles 

Want to know why most people never create a product? They get stuck at the ideas stage!

Analysis paralysis prevents them from doing anything other than overthinking…and the thing they think most about? Their Big Idea.

Thing is, with a nano product you don’t need a Big Idea. You just need one that you know will be a winner.

That’s where I’ve done the work for you again with a huge selection of DFY product ideas and niches that are proven winners along with fill-in-the-blank title templates that mean you will never be stuck again.

Step-By-Step Product & Sales Letter Blueprint

Once you’ve picked your title and topic from the DFY selection, or used your own, it’s step-by-step simple to create your product and sales letter.

Just follow the process, fill in the blanks and you’ll have done both before you know it. This really could not be quicker or easier and I’m holding your hand all the way!

Done For You Product Outlines

For the ultimate in DFY time and effort saving, you also get these fill-in-the blanks blueprints  you can follow to create your own cash-spouting products.

These are the exact same outlines I use to create winning products time after time. Simply flesh them out and you’re all set.

No spending hours and hours researching tons of information – I’ve done it all for you! Everything you need for 3 complete nano products.

This is as close as it gets to having me stand at your shoulder and tell you what to do. All of this from the same brain that has created countless bestselling products.


Gorgeous Report/eBook Template

Get your professional product out there quickly and easily with this gorgeous template I designed for you in Canva.

It includes three different cover pages and all the chapter, resource and other pages you could need to produce a product your customers will clamour to buy.

This is easily editable, can be mixed and matched as you wish and I even include Royalty Free stock images in a separate resource file for you although you are, of course, at liberty to choose your own to make this exclusive to you.

Professional Planner Template

People love planners which is why I created another gorgeous template for you in Canva so you have your own to sell.

Use this to create a unique nano product or pair it up with your report or eBook to provide even more irresistible value to your customers.

Printables Templates

Printables are hot right now and these templates give you even more product creation options.

Edit them as you wish to create your highly desirable printables in a snap, add them to your other products or sell them on their own. The choice is yours.


What People Are Saying

“I just wanted to pop back and say how impressed I am…This is a niche I am passionate about and it is more than a money making niche to me. Hence I really care about the quality of the content and am proud to use them. You write with great clarity and nhigh standards. With your materials, I find myself spending far less time having to edit and rewrite thtem.”
Cool Warrior


“YES! Another fantastic product from Amanda. Purchased mine immediately – I am truly excited whenever Amanda releases a PLR product because it is ALWAYS superb.”
Gene Pimentel

Marketer & Domaining Expert

“Just bought your PLR and so far quite simply the best PLR I bought… Thanks for the great product.”


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