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Your chance to grab a 6 figure business for pennies on the dollar!

This Is A Firesale With A Difference

A couple of years ago, as you may know, my life changed forever.

My daughter was rushed into hospital, critically ill.

She stayed there for nearly 6 months.

There were times when I honestly thought I would lose her but she pulled through.

Since then she has been an outpatient, relapsed, spent another 6 months in hospital and is now home as an outpatient once more.

She has been left with a lifelong disability as well as a chronic condition and I care for her at home with help from her medical team (plus PAT animals!).

As you can imagine, this takes up a lot of time but she is my kid and she’s a great kid who has fought back to excel at school and to pursue her dreams.

That’s not to say it’s been easy…it hasn’t.

But I firmly believe that family is everything, especially as I am a single mom.

That’s why I have decided to streamline my business.

I have brought out a lot of bestselling products over the years, most of which are evergreen.

Now I am doing what I always said I would do and focusing on just a few of them which I will develop, expand and sell at a much higher price.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be launching new stuff from time to time but I am retiring those products which have formed the basis of my 6 figure business and which have taught so many people how to really succeed online.

Am I REALLY retiring them?

You bet.

As I said, they are evergreen and proven to work as well now as they day they were created and updated.

But I have clients to service, books to write and a daughter to love as well as a business to run which is why these are going away forever.

So this really is your last chance – and the last chance for your customers – to grab these for pennies on the dollar.

But I always believe in earning the right to do something so I decided to throw this incredible firesale for you.

I have put together 7of my bestselling products, just one of which would cost at least $37 and some much more.

But during this one-off, never to be repeated firesale, you can grab all of them for one tiny price.

All of which will give you the skills, strategies, tools and training you need to free yourself up too.

I poured all of my time, love, sweat and hard-won experience into them so you can simply take them and put them to good use.

Just one of these will prove a huge boost to your business or finally set you on the path to success.

Combined, these will make you unbeatable.


Exactly the way I want my daughter to be!

As you’re one of my loyal customers, I want you to be that way too which is why I am making this unrepeatable offer…

Grab this lifesaving collection and start living the way you want!

As these are all now at full rather than launch price, that means you would pay at least $37 per product…in some cases, a lot more.

But today, you can grab all 7 of these for less than the price of one.

Although you need to hurry as in a few days this offer vanishes. 



Here’s What You Get:
Easy Profit P.I.E.
My scientifically proven method for getting people to do what you want and buy – this is the REAL push button stuff!
  • My scientifically proven method for getting people to do what you want and BUY – this is real push button stuff
  • How to identify and hit the RIGHT emotional buttons so they not only like you they also buy from you
  • The one thing you need to know to have your prospects falling in like with you from the get-go…
  • So they buy!
  • What turns buyers on and what turns them off fast!
  • How to quickly and easily get your social media to go viral so it does all the work of selling for you
  • Why people buy and how this knowledge can save you a ton of time while making you a lot more money
  • The secret science behind buying behavior and why it’s the opposite of what you might think works
  • Easy to follow videos, PDFS and worksheets make this highly interactive but super simple to follow
  • Discover the right way to use this powerful information so you get people to do what you want and keep on doing it…
  • Whille avoiding the fatal mistakes so many make which can actually send buyers running in the opposite direcion
  • Most importantly – how to do all of the above and more while having a lot of fun!
You also get…


The Insider Secrets To What Really Works In Email Marketing Right Now… And For Years To Come!

  • How to instantly increase your open rate with subject lines that really work (hint: ‘hey’ isn’t one of them)
  • Why copying what the gooroos are doing is the fastest way to the spam folder…
  • And even the ban hammer…
  • The calls to action that get them clicking through to buy – again, these are probably not what you expect
  • The Power Words that actually deliver a real punch…
  • And hit those emotional Buy Buttons
  • Which words to avoid like the plague…
  • Or you’ll end up canned!
  • The real-life best times to send emails as opposed to the theories put out there by – you guessed it – the gooroos
  • The method that can bring you a staggering 583% increase in CTR (Click Through Rate)…
  • And how to copy it yourself!
  • Plus I supply Fill In The Blanks subject lines templates and Power Words you can swipe and steal so you simply cannot go wrong!
You also get…
Sexier Selling
How To Sell Much More Of Your Stuff Without Being Sleazy Or Salesy…
  • A step by step training system that teaches you Sexier Selling through text, video and practical exercises
  • Case studies that demonstrate what works…and what doesn’t…
  • The best ways to convey the right information to the right audience so that they go on to buy your offer
  • How to identify that offer – and the big promise it contains – so you can clearly communicate it to your audience
  • The Call To Action formula that practically compels your prospect to turn into a buyer (I say ‘practically’ because I don’t want to sound all hypey but this really does work like magic)
  • Why injecting elements such as storytelling for your savvy audience can make all the difference between them buying and clicking away…or worse, running away screaming…
  • The 3 Second Rule and how understanding this can be crucial to your success – and no, this has nothing to do with dropped food
  • What people really want from you and how to deliver it to them so that buying simply becomes part of the fun
  • And an awful lot more that I simply do not have room to include here or your head will start spinning!
You also get…
Easy Peasy Copy

How To Write Copy That Sells…
Even If You Have No Idea How To Be A Copywriter

The most important thing you must understand before you write a single word of copy

What your customers crave most of all…and how to give it to them

How to hit those emotional buttons so your prospect will feel compelled to buy

Why people buy – and why they’ll buy what you’re selling every time if you do this

The foolproof formula for headlines that will grab your readers by the eyeballs…

… and force them to keep reading

What top copywriters do to make sure they really connect and make that sale

(Hint: your English teacher would hate this!)

Why good enough is all you need to be and how to get there painlessly

The rules you can break and still make those sales

Rock solid fundamentals that will ensure you never churn out a bad piece of copy again

My six figure copy secrets that are the basis of my online success!

You also get…
Lucrative Lists
Discover The Secret To Building A Hyper-Responsive List
That Pays You Over & Over!
  • The List Building Myths – what they are and why they are just that…myths
  • What makes a real Buyer’s List
  • How and why to focus on the buyers and eliminate the time wasters
  • The easy process that always leads to success…
  • What I do every time to ensure I get people who are already reaching for their wallets on my lists…
  • And keep them!
  • The secret to Super Targeting – use this and you can guarantee the most responsive, rabid subscribers on the planet…
  • And no, it’s not demographics!
  • How to genuinely set yourself apart…
  • Stand out from the herd without resorting to cheesy tactics or salesy desperation (they just don’t work)
  • The opt-in pages that really work…
  • Forget old-fashioned squeeze or landing pages – this is what works now and will carry on working to get you subscribers you really want…
  • The ones who buy.
You also get…
Commission Conspiracy

Discover How The Big Dawgs Really Rake In Those Enormous Incomes!

  • How to make a lot more money with minimal extra work
  • And open the doors to a whole new profitable dimension
  • Finally bring in regular income whenever you want – you control it
  • How to become a respected authority
  • The simple way to build not one but several lucrative lists
  • How you can finally do what the big dawgs really do
  • How to easily skyrocket your commissions with these simple tweaks
  • Translate your newfound expertise into products and services of your own
  • Make yet more money
  • Replicate this in almost any niche – I will teach you how to spot those that are suitable
  • No need to chase….your customers come to you
  • Outsmart the gooroos at their own game by doing what they really do and not what they say they do!
You also get…
7 Minute Emails
Learn How To Create Cash-Sucking Emails In 7 Minutes Or Less!
  • Develop your own unique voice (trust me, this is the #1 secret to success when it comes to writing successful emails)
  • Pinpoint and prod those problems and points of pain (that’s the #2 secret of success)
  • Transition seamlessly through so your prospect doesn’t even see that sale coming…
  • And then get them to click through to the sales page…
  • All without breaking a sweat
  • How easy could it be?
  • Actually, it would be a lot harder without 7 Minute Emails…
  • Because I’ve poured my years of experience into it…
  • All the trial and error you don’t have to go through…
  • The hours spent studying the top email masters…
  • So you can learn how to do it in one easy read…
  • And start churning out those cash-sucking emails in 7 minutes…
  • Or less!
Get The Retirement Firesale Now for $343 Just:
Secure Your Copy Today & Get The Deal Of The Century While Doing Something Wonderful…That Will Bring You Wonderful Results!

Your access details will be emailed to your PayPal email address. Please check that and your spam folder as well if necessary.

Refunds? At this price? You have to be kidding! This is an unbelievable offer and will never be repeated so grab your copy now, keep it safe and use it well to make yourself some real money in the year ahead 🙂


P.S. This is possibly the most emotional sales letter I have ever written. And that’s because I want to be totally transparent, as I think all marketers should be. For me, family comes first. I am sure it does for you. And this firesale deal will help you do make that happen, whatever form your family takes…

P.P.S. We consider our cats family. And puppies. And you too! med

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