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Here’s What You Get:
Video Launch Method


  • “Discover How to Launch Your Product Through A Series Of Videos That’ll Generate The Buzz You Need …Starting Today!”

    Brand New, 9 Part, Step By Step Video Course

    Video #1 : Introduction to Product Pre-Launching with Videos

    Video #2 : Planning Your Pre-Launch

    Video #3 : Prelaunch – What Needs To Be Done

    Video #4 : The # Step Video Blueprint

    Video #5 : Blueprint Video 1

    Video #6 : Blueprint Video 2

    Video #7 : Blueprint Video 3

    Video #8 : Blueprint Video 4

    Video #9 : Getting Your Video Created


You also get…
YouTube Channel SEO


  • Brand New, 8 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You How To…

    “Rank Your YouTube Channel & Generate Traffic To Your Products, Affiliate Products, and More… Starting Today”

    Video #1 : Introduction to YouTube Video Traffic

    Video #2 : What This is NOT

    Video #3 : What Google Wants & The Strategy

    Video #4 : The Ring

    Video #5 : How to Automate The Ring

    Video #6 : Account Creation

    Video #7 : Outsourcing

    Video #8 : Testing

    You Also Get:



    Salesletter & Graphics

    Sales Video

    Videos in HD & With Video Player Ready to Upload to Your Site

You also get…
Facebook Ad Tracking


  • Brand New, 9 Part, Step By Step Video Course…

    “Discover What You Need to Do Before Setting Up Your Facebook Ads to Get Results”

    Video #1 : Introduction to FB Tracking

    Video #2 : Business Manager Setup

    Video #3 : Create a Facebook Pixel

    Video #4 : Standard Events Overview

    Video #5 : Email Opt In Funnel Events

    Video #6 : Abandoned Cart Funnel Events

    Video #7 : Purchase Funnel Events

    Video #8 : Lead Form Funnel

    Video #9 : How to Test Your Pixel Is Active

    You Also Get:



    Salesletter & Graphics

    Sales Video

    Videos in HD & With Video Player Ready to Upload to Your Site


As you can see, these highly professional video courses are worth $197 each but today you can get all three for a fraction of that…but this offer only lasts a few days too so get in while you can!

Get The May Madness ILY Firesale Upgrade Package Now for $591 Just:

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Refunds? At this price? You have to be kidding! This is an unbelievable offer and will never be repeated so grab your copy now, keep it safe and use it well to make yourself some real money in the year ahead 🙂


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