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Let me guess…

You’ve tried everything you can think of on Pinterest and not made a penny.

Or you heard about it but can’t believe pinning up a few nice pics can actually work.

Never mind that Pinterest is now the 2nd largest traffic driver on the planet, second only to Facebook.

Or that it’s a place positively stuffed with people who are looking to spend money.

It wasn’t working for you.

Not one of those 110M+ Pinners was actually interested in buying.

So maybe you gave up. Or you never even got started.

Big Mistake

I know exactly how you feel because when I first stumbled along on Pinterest my results were not exactly stellar.

 Followers and shares – sure. A few. But as for actually making some moolah on there…forget it!

But you know me. I don’t give up easily.

I Studied What The Pinterest Winners Do

So I decided to really study what the Pinterest winners were actually doing rather than relying on some gooroo’s theories.

I dug deep into their methods and discovered that each had a carefully thought-out strategy.

I saw what was working for them and what wasn’t.

Most importantly of all, I worked out how they were successfully monetizing Pinterest.

And the I copied them.

Not only did I copy them, I went one better. I tested and tested, trying out what were to become my own methods and strategies.

I Discovered What Made People Buy

I learned what resonated with my audience.

What made them like and share.

What made them click through, sign up and buy.

Of course, it wasn’t what the gooroos were telling me (bless ‘em). It certainly wasn’t what worked for me on other social media platforms.

In fact, trying to copy what you do on Facebook and Twitter can be a fatal mistake when it comes to Pinterest.

Pinterest Has Its Own Rules

You see, Pinterest is a particular place. A wonderful place, especially for marketers like you and me.

But it has its own rules and you need to learn them.

You have to understand how people behave on Pinterest (it’s not like anywhere else!).

What drives them.

Why they are there in preference to any other platform.

And why, compared to other social media sites, so many of them whip out their wallets and spend…often within seconds.

Here’s Why Pinterest Is A Marketer’s Paradise

To understand  just why Pinterest is a marketer’s paradise, let me show you some stats:

pinterest (2)There are now over 200 million monthly active Pinterest users

pinterest (2)2 million Pinterest pins are sent from one user to another daily

pinterest (2)A pin is 100 x more viral than a Tweet

pinterest (2)80% of pins are re-pins

pinterest (2)The average half-life of a Pinterest pin is around 3.5 months which is 1600 times more than the average Facebook post

Great, you might say.

But are they actually spending money or just pinning and browsing through those pretty pics? 

Glad you asked because this is where it gets really interesting:

pinterest (2)93% of Pinners Shopped Online in the Past Six Months

pinterest (2)88% of people purchase what they pin

pinterest (2)83% of Pinterest users would rather follow a brand than a celebrity

pinterest (2)80% of people who click on a pin buy

pinterest (2)73% of content pinned on Pinterest is from a business website

pinterest (2)52% of Pinterest users consult it before making a purchase in store

pinterest (2)47% of US online shoppers bought something as a result of a Pinterest recommendation

Best of all…the average spend on Pinterest is $50 higher than on any other social media platform!

Who’d have thought pinning a few pics could be so powerful?

Fact is, Pinterest already generates billions of dollars for its users. Facebook is watching it like a hawk.

As well they should because businesses simply love the largely untapped opportunity that is Pinterest:

It’s Not That Simple

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. As I said earlier, you need a strategy. The right strategy for Pinterest.

You also need to pin the right kind of pictures. The type that people re-pin as well as click on to buy, subscribe or do whatever you ask them to do.

That’s what you’ll learn in The Pin Code, along with all the other tips and tricks that regularly have me skyrocketing engagement in just days on a brand new Pinterest account:

FireShot Capture - Pinterest analytics - https___analytics.pinterest.com_

Yes, that is real time. That account was 4 days old when I took that screenshot.

And that is just one of my accounts – a baby one.

But accounts grow fast on Pinterest…

As you can see here:

More importantly, they get people doing what you want…

Buying and subscribing.

That’s the beauty of Pinterest.

You can use it to build a massive list, drive sales of your own and affiliate products, get leads, build your brand…and all of it on the one platform.

Pinterest works for just about every marketer – whether you’re a creator or promoter of products (digital and physical), a niche marketer, a coach or consultant, a freelancer…this will work for you.

Even better, Pinterest’s constant innovations mean that there are now more and more opportunities to profit from this unique platform.

And you will learn everything you need to know about harnessing the power of Pinterest for yourself in The Pin Code.

Introducing The Pin Code 3.0
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  • Discover why it’s not the number of followers you have that matters
  • The secrets to Pinterest success this year and beyond…this is what’s working now and will continue to work!
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