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Here’s What You Get:

My Secrets To Bestselling Product Creation:

The Golden Ticket

  • The one thing you must understand before you even start looking for info product ideas – get this wrong and you can kiss goodbye to happy customers and sales
  • What your customers really want from your product and how to give it to them by supplying the solution they really need
  • Where to find those product ideas that practically sell themselves (not in the places you think)
  • How to test those ideas to make sure they are winners and will continue to be so for months and years to come
  • The huge mistake so many people make when they choose an idea for a product and how to make sure you never make it
  • Why the right mindset really is key to your success – or failure – and how to adopt it fast
  • My Multiple Product Method that drastically cuts down on your time and work so you can churn out streams of profitable products
  • How to quickly and easily create an outline so that your product almost writes itself
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
What You Get With The Golden Ticket
This easy to follow course contains everything you need to create your first…or fifth…product with ease!

Step By Step Videos
Sit back, relax and follow along with me as I lead you through my entire 6 figure idea spotting process – shortcuts, insider secrets and all!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets 
Literally follow along, fill them in and you will end up with your own profitable product ideas – no sweat, no stress – following my proven process!

Main Course PDF 
Follow the simple steps in it so you, too, can come up with those winning product ideas…in 3 hours or less!!

Extra BONUS Training 
Delivered direct to your inbox so you can really make sure you’re up to speed and sharpen your skills even more!!

You also get…
My Flagship 6 Figure Blueprint: Info Cash Machine
  • A fill-in-the blanks blueprint you can follow to create your own cash-spouting product
  • This is the exact same blueprint I use to create winning products time after time
  • Discover precisely who wants to buy what you have to offer…so you can make more profit!
  • How to make sure that people not only LOVE your product but keep coming back for more…and more!
  • The best kinds of product for you to create and why you should ignore the usual advice you get from the gooroos
  • 5 essential but easy steps to fast product creation
  • The one thing you must do to retain your customers and prevent those refunds
  • How to create your irresistible salesletter alongside your product so you work once and profit twice
  • Why real value is so much more important than perceived value and how to convey that to your customers so they love you even more
  • The simple 3 step process to researching any info product (if you really need to)
  • The real reason all the big-name marketers have their own info products and why you should too
  • EXTRA BONUS training delivered direct to your inbox!
What You Get With Info Cash Machine
This easy to follow course contains everything you need to create your first…or fifth…product with ease!

Step By Step Videos
Sit back, relax and follow along with me as I lead you through my entire product creation process, – shortcuts, insider secrets and all!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheets 
Literally follow along, fill them in and you will end up with your own profitable product – no sweat, no stress – following my proven process!

Video Transcripts 
That you can download, read and digest at your leisure if that’s how you prefer to learn!

MP3 Files For Easy Listening 
You also get MP3 files so you can ingest all the information on the go as well as slides, bonus content and resources and much, much more!

But That’s Not All Because You Also Get Your Own DFY IM Hot Product:  Social Secrets

Here’s What You Get With This Incredible Package…

Professional eCourse

Here’s how I suck in those subscribers who turn into buyers… I offer them something which forces them to keep opening my emails and clicking on my links.

This highly professional eCourse offers them just enough well researched, up to the minute information on Social Media Marketing to brand you as an instant expert while leaving them wanting more…

You get 7 expertly written, fresh from my keyboard lessons in Word and ODT format that you can use alongside your slides or on their own – simply load them into your autoresponder and you’re set.

I’ve even included two ready to go worksheets to send out with your course so you totally over-deliver and completely dazzle your prospects!

Value: $197

95 Animated PPT Slides

You also get 95 brand new animated PPT slides, a set for each lesson, that you can use to create your own videos, presentations and slide decks to offer even more value!

Send these out along with your lessons or embed them on your site for a truly impressive multimedia experience that will have your subscribers salivating.

As everyone knows, animation is where it’s at right now and these easily editable slides will have a powerful impact however you choose to use them. 

Just to get one high quality, unique animated slide deck created costs a bundle but you get 7 complete decks included with this incredible package!

Value: $679

95 Slide Images

To help you edit or create your own videos and variations, I’ve included the slides as individual jpgs so you can easily use them at your leisure!


Bundle Cdswithcover
Social Secrets DFY Videos

Checkmark3 28 highly professional videos in MP4 format so you can easily edit them or simply upload and use them right out of the box

Checkmark3Each video is carefully crafted to provide just enough great information to get your prospects wanting more…

Checkmark3The videos are recorded with and without voice-over as well as with two variations of music for endless variety

Checkmark3Editable PSDs of the cover art so you can make your video graphics unique 

Checkmark3My resources guide to help you make the most of your package



Brand New Professional Report

To give you even more options, I have expanded the lessons into this brand new, 2061 word professional report supplied in Word and ODT format as well as in ready to go PDF format.

Checkmark3 Includes easy to edit report covers and done for you images so you can simply upload them to promote this or customize as you wish

Checkmark3 Also includes gorgeous illustrations and is written to publication standard by me

You get all the doc and source files so you can edit, add to or change this up to your heart’s content and, of course, you get to slap your name on it as author with your personal PLR rights.

Use this to get subscribers, to send out as content to your list, to give away as a bonus…the possibilities are endless! 

I’ve been a published author and journalist for over 14 years and I take great pride in my work.  I do not outsource any of my writing so you I can guarantee you’ll be able to supply this with pride to your subscribers.

If I were to write this report for you it would cost at least $560 at my usual rates!

Value: $560




Exact Scripts To Follow

There’s really no need to lift a finger because I’ve even given you the exact scripts to follow for you turn your slides into videos, presentations or webinars!

Simply put these in front of you and start speaking…it couldn’t be any easier.



Value: $197

Stunning Matching Squeeze Page

Of course you need a squeeze page to present your irresistible offer to your target audience so I have included this clean, easy to edit version that is not only responsive so it displays perfectly on any device but also matches the course!

As you can see, the colors used are neutral and attractive enough for any purpose and you can insert whatever copy you wish or simply use as is.

The perfect way to start sucking in this subscribers – you can edit this in any HTML editor including the free Kompozer.


Value: $97


5 Brand New Viral Social Images

Social media marketing is the hot topic of this course so where better than social media to start when it comes to traffic?

I’ve taken care of that for you too with these 5 stunning, brand new quote images I created to promote this course!

Use these as is, edit using the supplied PSD files or share on other social media sites as well, including Pinterest (another huge traffic driver where people also go crazy for images like these).

You get PSD files along with the JPG files so you can easily edit these to your heart’s content. 

Value: $125


Done For You Keywords

Keywords – the lifeblood of organic traffic and crucial to your campaign’s success. But you have to find the right kind of keywords, the ones that buyers use. Don’t worry because I’ve done all of that for you too and found over 800 of them that you can plug in and start using to drive traffic to your products and offers right away!

Value: $97

 And Your Own Product Blueprints!
With: 123 Product
  • Fill-in-the blanks outlines you can follow to create your own cash-spouting products
  • These are the exact same outlines I use to create winning products time after time
  • No spending hours and hours researching tons of information – I’ve done it all for you!
  • Everything you need for 3 complete product funnels so you don’t even have to set those up
  • This is as close as it comes to having me stand at your shoulder and tell you what to do! 
  • Scared you won’t pick a winning topic? No worries on that score because I’ve brought all my experience to choosing topics I KNOW are hot-sellers
  • No planning or outlining because I’ve done all that for you too (how easy does it get?!)
  • In demand, hot content all built in for you…simply flesh out the 7,841 words you already get and you’re set
  • Just follow the done-for-you blueprints and plug in the research that is all laid out
  • All of this from the same brain that has created 16 WSOs Of The Day & countless bestselling products
  • Have a product or products out there and selling at least 70% quicker than if you did all this yourself
  • No guessing, no wondering if these topics sell or what to put in your product
  • This is paint by numbers simple – you cannot go wrong!
Plus You Can Learn How To Become A High Ticket Amazon Affiliate And Start Making Fat Commissions Today With Azon High Ticket…

What You Get With Azon High Ticket 2.0

Video Training

That’s right – you get a ringside seat as I teach you exactly how to promote Amazon High Ticket products for the best results!

Thousands of Keywords & Phrases

I also did all the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the right keywords & phrases for all those products – you get thousands of them so you can drive buyers to your sites!

80 Brand New High Ticket Amazon Products To Promote

I’ve spent those hours, days and weeks trawling through Amazon, carefully picking out 80 winning High Ticket Amazon products you can promote right away in some of the hottest niches including Home Security,
Garden Tools, Home Power Tools and Home Appliances.

I used my own exacting criteria to choose these and am confident they represent the best of the best.

BONUS Azon High Ticket 1.0 

That’s right – as a HUGE bonus I have included Azon High Ticket 1.0 with this already enormous package which means you get another 80 products to promote in the Weight Loss/Fitness, Dog Care, Yoga, Stress/Relaxation, Fishing & Golf niches plus the relevant keywords…Which means you get a grand total of 160 Amazon High Ticket Products to promote right away!


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