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It started the day we got back from holiday and my daughter immediately headed out the house…

To play Pokemon Go!

Never mind saying hello to the kitties or even me…she was off hunting down those Pokemon like a dedicated pro.

And it wasn’t just her….

The Streets And Parks Are Full Of Them

The streets and our local parks are full of them.

Pokemon Go players staring at their screens…

Joining in with the 100 million others on Google Play alone who have downloaded the game…

In 30 countries worldwide…

Soon to be 200 countries…

With more time spent on the app than any popular social media:


And more people playing Pokemon Go than any other game:


There are millions being raked in every day in associated products and merchandise.

And it’s not just the makers who are profiting from the game…

All kinds of related gadgets, tools and essential items have been released to feed the needs of this enormous market…

With new releases nearly every day to meet the insatiable demand for all things Pokemon.

Yes – all things.

You see, this is not just about Pokemon Go.

This is about feeding nostalgia.

Take a look at the graphic below and you’ll see that the majority of Pokemon Go players are in their twenties and that’s no accident.

These are the original Pokemon players and collectors, the adults who were kids back then and are totally addicted.

Even better, they are sharing their addiction with their own kids which means the demand just grows and grows.

You’ll also notice that these people have plenty of disposable income.

And the majority of them are women.



Why Does This Work So Well With Amazon?

Why does this work so well when it comes to promoting Amazon products?

Because this is the first time an augmented reality (AR) game has overlapped so much with the physical world.

People go out there to play for hours and days at a time.

Which means they need a lot of stuff to enable them to do that…

Stuff they can buy on Amazon…

Which women (and men) in this income bracket love to do.

These Are The Perfect Amazon Buyers

In short, these are the perfect Amazon buyers in the hottest niche on the planet.

What more could you want?


How about it all done for you.

All the heavy lifting, the research and the material you need to promote those high converting Amazon Pokemon products?

Your wish is my command…

The Ultimate Azon Pokemon PLR

Because what you get here today is the ultimate Amazon Pokemon PLR pack.


Here’s What You Get With This Incredible Package…

20 Brand New Amazon Product Review Videos

Each highly professional video showcases an Amazon product to its best advantage. Your buyers will be salivating over these and they make for an easy sell.

You can use them on your own sites or on video sites such as YouTube. All music is Royalty Free and you will get your videos in MP4 format for easy editing.

Each video is crafted to the perfect length to capture your viewer’s attention and hold it just long enough to convince them to buy. The effects used enhance rather than distract from the most important element: the product.

All the products have been carefully chosen to cover a range of price points and are current bestsellers on  Amazon.

Value: $528

Market Intelligence Report

Here’s how I get ahead of the competition – I research a niche minutely before I enter it so I know exactly who my buyers are, what they want and why they will buy.

All those hours of research pay off for me big time but it really does take days rather than hours…which is why I’ve done it all for you.

You get my top secret, insider Market Intelligence Report on this niche so you can take all my carefully researched information, including some big-ticket affiliate programs you have probably never heard of, and use it to make even more moolah!

Value: $47

Amazon Products Report

Knowing which products to promote is vital to your success. This niche specific report contains expertly researched and curated products that are all current Amazon bestsellers and – crucially – have been selling steadily well for some time.

You get 50 guaranteed winners to promote along with all the relevant information you need. Your Amazon Review Videos cover the best of the best here so you can make an instant impact and start raking in those affiliate payouts!

Value: $67

Professional Report

Pokemon Go players simply love tips and cheats…

Entice them to sign up to your list with this professionally written report fresh from my keyboard!

Here’s what you get:

Checkmark3Professionally written report you can use to sell as well as to capture leads and subscribers, to use as a bonus or send out to your list!

Checkmark3You get all the doc. odt and source files so you can edit, add to or change this up to your heart’s content.

You also get an eCover and the PSD files so you can edit as you wish.

If I were to write these for you it would cost at least $1760 at my usual rates!

Value: $1760




Gorgeous Squeeze Pages

You get two stunning, professionally designed mobile ready HTML squeeze/landing pages that are extremely easy to edit, modern in design and irresistible to subscribers! 



Value: $197

20 Brand New Social Media Images

With over millions of social media mentions and tweets about Pokemon each day, you need to leverage these platforms to drive a ton of traffic to your offers and sites.

To give you a flying start, I’ve created 20 brand new, gorgeous social media images with Pokemon Go Tips that are perfectly sized and optimized for maximum impact.

You get PSD files along with the JPG files so you can easily edit these to your heart’s content.


Done For You Keywords

Checkmark3Keywords – the lifeblood of SEO and crucial to your campaign’s success. But you have to find the right kind of keywords, the ones that buyers use. Don’t worry because I’ve done all of that for you too and found over 800 of them that you can plug in and start using to drive traffic to your products and offers right away!

Value: $97

2 Brand New Pokemon Go Tips Videos 

Buyers in this niche are constantly searching for Tips and Cheats and these videos fulfil that need.

Simply upload to YouTube or your sites to drive that insatiable traffic! 

Here’s a preview of one so you can get an idea of just how powerful these are: 

You Get All Of This When You Invest Today In The PokeAzon PLR Kit! 

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In This Book, You Will Learn:

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Amazon Products Report – $67

eBook & Report With Covers – $1760

Unique Squeeze Pages – $197

Tips Videos $297

Social Media Quotes: $500

Done For You Keywords $67

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Grand Total                                  $3,630 

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[YES] Can be given away to build a list.


What You Can’t Do:

[NO] Can be given away for free (any format) except to build a list (see above).

[NO] Can claim copyright unless substantially altered (at least 60%).

[NO] Can be added into free membership sites.

[NO] Can sell PLR to others.

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[NO] Can sell RR to others.

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[NO] Can sell on the Warrior Forum or as any part of a WSO

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