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There’s one email that can make all the difference between success and failure…

An email that either makes sure people keep opening, reading and clicking through on your emails…

Or turns them off so they never buy anything from or through you again!

Can you guess what that email is?

I’ll give you some clues…

 Do this right and you turn brand new subscribers into loyal buyers 

You also create instant authority and expert status…

As well as making people know, trust and LOVE you!

What am I talking about?

Your Welcome email and nurture sequence…

The very first email they ever get from you. 

The one that decides whether they will ever look at anything from you again.

And that includes your sales pages and promotions.

Get that right along with your nurture sequence and they’ll eagerly open your next email and the next.

Not only that, they’ll actively engage and click on your links.

Get it wrong and…well…crickets.

So how do you get it right?

You could spend months and years of trial and error, not to mention thousands of dollars learning from the best in the business.

Or you could grab my Instant Emails, plug them in, sit back and relax…

Knowing that these babies will be working for you just as they’ve worked for me over and over again.

No guesswork.

No wondering what to send people after they opt in to your list or buy your product.

No fumbling around trying to come up with the right, high-converting sequence (you do have a sequence, don’t you?)

These are more than just templates…

This is a full training as well.

I teach you as you go so that you can not only easily make these your own…

You’re getting the secrets I paid thousands to learn along with all my 21 years of hard work and experience…

So all you need do is load them into your autoresponder and they’ll go out in the perfect sequence to win you those loyal subscribers who are buyers.

These work for anyone in any niche…

No guesswork involved.

No wondering if they’ll work.

Because these are not only proven…they’re evergreen…

Which means they’ll keep working for you in any niche, over and over again.

Just as they do for me.

You simply tweak the templates to reflect your voice and away you go.

It couldn’t be easier.

Which means you can build a big list 

Not only do you build that list…

You keep it.

It’s so much harder to get a new customer or subscriber…

As well as more expensive, costing you both time and money.

Now you get to KEEP those customers and subscribers with the emails that have them hanging on for more.

Better than any shiny object… 

I see far too many people panicking, turning to shiny objects when they are under pressure.

Sadly, that’s the last thing you should do because those shiny objects simply don’t work.

What does work are tried and tested, ethical methods like email marketing…

The fastest and best way I other successful marketers know to launch or promote anything.

Especially when you have it all done for you, as you do with Instant Emails.

If you don’t know me, my name’s Amanda Craven and I’ve been producing top quality products since 2009.

I’ve won rave reviews for my products and I’m telling you that not to boast but to reassure you…

Because not all DFY products are created equal, are they?

You know what I’m talking about:

The garbled language that sounds like Google Translate on acid…

The weird and wonderful ‘bonuses’ that you can’t use either…

The whole thing put together by someone who has NO knowledge of the sector.

And doesn’t care either. 

So why is my stuff different?

Well, not only am I a professional writer with extensive credits but I am also a highly successful marketer in multiple niches.

I understand what gets people opening and clicking on emails.

Best of all, I know what makes them buy.

People not only buy my products but they use them to create their own success.

And I never, ever release one unless I’m 100% certain I am proud to put my name to it so you can too.

You really can take Instant Emails and start using it NOW.

That’s right – you don’t need to change a word if you don’t want to.   

Just upload & go…

Which is the way it should be.

Simple. Fast. Foolproof.

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Here’s What You Get 

My Proven Instant Emails

The irresistible welcome emails (you get a choice) I send to new buyers and subscribers in easily editable, annotated template form so you can make them entirely your own. 


The engaging follow-up nurture sequence I then deploy to win hearts, minds and the kind of loyalty that gets people to trust you so they buy. 

The emails are proven and evergreen. They work for just about any niche so you can use them over and over again.

The follow along training that is included means this goes way beyond mere copy and paste templates, turning you into an expert email marketer.

Superpowered Subject Lines

You also get my Superpowered Subject Lines – a comprehensive training that teaches you how to write the kind of subject lines that get people salivating.

But that’s not all as this also goes into the importance of segmentation and optimization and how to do both so your emails are truly superpowered.

This is 47 pages of pure email marketing gold.

What People Are Saying

“I just wanted to pop back and say how impressed I am…This is a niche I am passionate about and it is more than a money making niche to me. Hence I really care about the quality of the content and am proud to use them. You write with great clarity and nhigh standards. With your materials, I find myself spending far less time having to edit and rewrite thtem.”
Cool Warrior


“YES! Another fantastic product from Amanda. Purchased mine immediately – I am truly excited whenever Amanda releases a PLR product because it is ALWAYS superb.”
Gene Pimentel

Marketer & Domaining Expert

“Just bought your PLR and so far quite simply the best PLR I bought… Thanks for the great product.”


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