“How I Make Crime Pay…And How You Can Too In The Mystery & Thriller Genre Using All My Insider Secrets”

Shhh…don’t tell anyone but you can also get AI to be your stealth writing assisant!

Launches Friday 28th June 2024, 9am ET

Hey! Amanda Craven here…

… And I’d love to have you on board for the launch of MYSTERY CASH – my brand new course that teaches you how you can write a bestselling thriller quickly and easily following my blockbuster, proven blueprint…

The same one I use myself to top the bestseller charts…and the best part is that you can get AI to do all the heavy lifting using the ethical tips and tricks I teach you to create a really good book…

One that you can not only be proud to put your name to but also a book that people will love to buy and read!

Have you ever dreamed of writing a mystery or thriller that not only sets hearts racing but also tops the sales charts?

Or maybe you crave the rewards that come with a bestselling book in a $728.2 M genre…

Imagine your book nestled among the bestsellers, your name whispered among readers hungry for your next love story.

Readers who cannot resist buying the next book…and the next. Because they’re hooked on you and your stories.

Stories you created with ease.

If you’ve felt that burning desire to be a bestseller but find yourself stumbling over the hows and whats of crafting a thriller that sells…

Then you’re in the perfect spot.

Mystery Cash is your golden ticket to the world of successful mystery and thriller writing.

A world that will bring you in passive income for years to come.

This isn’t just another writing course; it’s a heartfelt journey into the art and business of creating stories that resonate with readers and dominate that $728.2M marketplace.

And make sure that no-one ever forgets your name.

50% Commission Throughout The Funnel

Every Part of the Funnel is Optimized for Maximum Conversions and the Sales Copy Is Written By One of the Best Copywriters In the Industry… Me!

5JuneI just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and for considering partnering with me for this launch.
I genuinely appreciate the support of my JV Partners and I promise your customers are going to LOVE you for promoting Mystery Cash.


I also want you to know that this is so much more than just a business arrangement to me. It’s a two-way relationship. That’s why I treat each of your customers as one of my own and always pull out all the stops to ensure I deliver as much value and goodwill as possible.


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Important Contest Details: The official leader-board and overall contest ranking is based on most front end sales during the contest period (June 28th  2024 9am ET – July 5th 2024 11.59pm). Minimum 20 front end sales required for prize payouts. For reciprocal mailings, you must have a product of sufficient quality to qualify.

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